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: Tourists: Penguin Juvies
Jun 14, 2006

The little emperor juvies hadn’t been in the comic for a while. I hope everyone, including the tourists, enjoyed their return. Getting a new digital camera shouldn’t set them back too much more than what they’ve already invested in their trip. Getting home and realizing you have no photos would be a bummer.

I always hate when I take cool trips and don’t bring a camera or take photos to be able to enjoy the memories more vividly later on. The problem with me, is when I have a camera in hand, still or video, the artist in me takes over and it becomes a serious project and I forget to enjoy everything first-hand and live it through the lens like a director instead.

Update Schedule

You’ll notice I’ve had a hard time maintaining the Mon-Fri update schedule the last month or two. It’s kind of unfair for readers not to know when to expect updates and get their dose, so I’m switching to Mon-Wed-Fri for the time being, maybe a few weeks, while I finish up some other projects, one being the first book collection. I will get back to the 5 days a week schedule as soon as I am able. Thanks for reading and sticking around!

Polar Bears Resort to Cannibalism

Global WarmingYou may have already heard about it, I’ve had it come in on a few news feeds as well as readers messaging and e-mailing me. It’s a recent study with some discouraging news. With less and less ice each year due to global warming, the polar bears hunting grounds are dimminishing, so they are starving to death, drowning, being hunted and now even killing themselves for food. It’s not new for polar bears to kill each other, they are solitary animals that will sometimes fight when their paths cross and will occasionally kill cubs to ensure the strength of their own bloodline. But this report is different, this is about polar bears hunting each other, stalking each other, then killing and eating each other.

You can read more about the report from the Associated Press at CNN. Hopefully zoos are able to keep them around because they might not be long for this world.