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: Travel Ad: Ice Cavern
Jun 16, 2006

Yes, what better way to wrap up the tourists comics than with a nice advertisement for Antarctica tourism.

I’m actually out of town for a few days but set comics in place so see you soon.

Penguins is Serious Shirts

I made up several styles of the Penguins is Serious shirts so you’d have a nice selection, then I can always phase out ones that don’t sell. All part of being in the Webcomic T-shirt business…


  1. Chris says:

    Tourism must be booming with ads like that!

  2. izzieluv says:

    thats morbid. BUT FUNNY


  3. izzieluv says:


  4. SCAScot says:

    Dude! That would make a totally fantastic bumper sticker!

  5. Justin says:

    haha dude that would suck to fall in ooo well….you have fun being out of town….peace dude

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. eekbaa says:


  8. WeirdLurker says:

    Oooh…Penguins is Serious shirts…

  9. SpaceNerd says:

    Love the new T-Shirts!!!

  10. OT says:

    you’re fast!

  11. Phizlo says:

    This is the most funniest and best comic I’ve ever read in my life! I really like this website. At first, I read at funbrain. Now, I pick this website. I hope you’ll continue to make more of these.

    A few questions . . .
    1. Will you make more Water Balloon Comics?
    2. Will you ever tell the story of how Wally came to Antarctica?
    3. Will Osbourne visit the Arctic?
    4. Will you publish this as a book?

    P.S. The “Penguins is Serious” shirts are cool!

  12. Hannah says:

    haha another Travel Ad 😀

  13. BriGuy says:

    This reminds me of the cave Wally fell in after he and Osbourne went B.A.S.E. jumping! 😛

  14. bob says:

    i wonder if one of Max’s friendsare down ther,you know that geient penguin. 😯

  15. these ads are getting SOOOO OLD 😥 😥 😥 😥
    we need funnier stuff 😀 😀 😀 😀

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