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354: Teleporter
Dec 3, 2018

Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another instantly and without traversing the physical space between them. Wally’s idea of teleportation may be a bit more lenient on the rules. He did get him from point A to an undesirable point B pretty quick.

Oct 22, 2018

Hey readers! So Wally and Osborne is currently being updated with a new comic right here every Monday! Hopefully to be posted more often but more about that in a minute…

Also, I’d love you to follow along and relive the archive with me. I am “remastering” all the old comics and simultaneously posting them daily to Instagram, Webtoons and Tapas. These are three great ways to read the comic on your phone. Follow along on whatever one works best for you! Just subscribing and liking on these platforms will be super supportive and helpful to the comic!

If you’d like to do even more, you can support the comic with Patreon. As little as a $1 tip a month will allow me to create more comics and get us to more frequent updates. Thanks so much! Thanks for reading to both my new readers and those returning from long ago!

Aug 27, 2015

I knew I needed a new Website to re-launch the comic, and wanted something designed purely for presenting the comic and giving you the best viewing experience possible. In doing so I wanted to rethink how the comic displays on all of the various internet viewing devices we have these days, from mobile devices to gaming consoles to giant 4k monitors. It can be a challenge to produce content for a user that may have a 4″ display or a 40″ display. I wanted someone to be able to see the comic as large as their screen allows and with no loss of resolution, for it to be easy to follow on smaller phone screens as if they are scrolling through some photos without having to do a bunch of zooming and panning. I’ve designed it so that the comic frames will automatically break down into separate rows depending on your screen width, so you may be reading them four frames across like a standard strip, or perhaps 2 frames over 2 frames, down to one frame at time stacked. The comic files themselves are also perhaps the highest resolution of any Webcomics, so they are taking advantage of the full resolution of your viewing device, whether you are using a 4000px wide monitor or a tablet with Retina or other high resolution screen. (Sorry the old comics are still old school format).

If you have any trouble viewing the comic on your device, whatever it is, please let me know! Or if you have any suggestions to make the experience better. Also welcome to the new site, glad to have you here and be a part of the re-launch of Wally & Osborne! There’s some more to do around here… I’ll be working the archive page next to give a much more extensive and fun way to browse the comics and find old favorites. But most of all I’ll be working on the NEW comics! If you want to help support the new site and comics, and are able to do so, then I really appreciate it and you can give that support using Patreon. Thanks!

May 10, 2015

Yes, you read that right, Wally & Osborne are coming back! New website and comics are making their way here very soon. They will be published once a week to start. If you are able to support the comic, want to see more frequent updates and like bonus stuff, please visit the new Patreon page.