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: Tourists: Closer Look
Jun 12, 2006

I guess Wally had that coming after chucking a rock at them previously. They really wouldn’t be expecting to see a polar bear in Antarctica, and Wally would nearly be unrecognizable as one with his short stature and odd physique.

I had mentioned how cost helps be a factor in keeping tourism down in Antarctica. You may have noticed some of the Google ads on the site here advertising Emperor Penguin Voyages for well over 8,000 dollars. So yeah, it’s going to be for the serious tourists, but what an experience. Probably runs a bit higher to see the emperors since you are going at a more difficult time of the season and deeper into Antarctica than the cruises that just hit the outer peninsula and islands.

Also I had mentioned people wanting more extreme visits to Antarctica, including skiing. I enjoy myself some skiing, but skiing in Antarctica, that would be insane, all that snow and no trees! It would be quite the trip to survive. And on that note… check out this Antarctica skiing footage complete with an 80’s rock soundtrack…


Also… “Penguins Is Serious” shirts available soon!