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: Tourists: Penguins Is Serious
Jun 8, 2006

It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re a pudgey little bird that waddles around and can’t fly.

Giant Crater In Antarctica

Scientists have found what looks to be a 300 mile wide crater under the ice sheet of Antarctica, most likely caused by a large meteorite impact that may have caused a mass extinction at the time. You can read more at BBC or

Cute Overload

There is a blog called Cute Overload that posts cute pictures of little animals. I mean repulsively cute, they’ll get yuh, they’ll pull at yer little heart strings. The other day they posted a picture of a cute little orphaned polar bear cub that will be finding a home at a zoo.


  1. BriGuy says:

    I really enjoyed the second panel. Great strip!

  2. wimpelmeesje says:

    The jumping Osbourne in the second panel just screams for a wallpaper :).

  3. Tyler Martin says:

    I was thinking maybe a “Penguins Is Serious” shirt would be in order too some time.

  4. BriaN says:

    Yeah the “Penquins Is Serious” would be a funny shirt. It also makes me think of all the protests that we were having here in california a couple months ago about immigration…

  5. kyler says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……HA!

  6. Hannah says:

    I would totally but a “Penguins Is Serious” shirt.
    Well, I’ll put it this way: at school, my name is Penguin Girl!!!
    I will buy most things with penguins.

    I love where Osbourne jumps, yeah.
    I don’t think he’s ever hopped that high, has he?

    I like that Cuteness Overload site, too.
    Theres a few penguins there.

    These comics rock.

  7. Hannah says:

    oops………in the previous comment of mine………
    I ment “buy” in the first sentence not “but”

  8. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    lol, I would buy a Penguins Is Serious shirt! lol Great comic!! 😀

  9. tux says:

    I agree the second panel would make a cool t-shirt. I’d really really love a PENGOWNED t-shirt though 😛

  10. Mat says:

    Martin, I think by now science believes that an impact event alone cannot cause mass extinctions.. it causes widespread local destruction, and yes, a global impact on the climate that last for a few years – a few years, mind you. A lot of specimens would die off, a few go extinct, but nothing in the mass amounts like the Perm-Trias-event or the extinction of the dinosaurs.. 🙂

    At least for the dinosaurs, a massive shift in climate, the impact and heavy volcanism at the same time led to their extinction.. 🙂

  11. Daniel says:

    I think Wally with his BIG puppy eyes should deserve its own wallpaper…wow…I feel hypnotized…

  12. WeirdLurker says:

    Lmao..I would buy a penguins is serious t-shirt. I enjoy penguins in comics too lol. And thinking about “penguins is serious” being related to the mexicans on “we is serious” or something like that is very amusic.

  13. WeirdLurker says:

    Amusic= Amusingly Dramatic >.>

  14. Mentalbug says:

    Haha that was great 😀
    Yeah go for it Osie, stand for your rights and pride! :]

  15. Mentalbug says:

    Oh… and the pics on that “” site really are “so cute they hurt” 🙂

  16. Mr. It's hot says:

    Cows producing Mehtane are the real problem to global warming…seriously…cows and their…. ya know…

    …and Penguins rock!

  17. meteorite says:

    well, Matt, the crater on antarctica comes from a meteorite 50 kilometers in diameter, 5 times the one that’s supposed to have killed the dinosaurs. It hit 251 million years ago and killed 99% of all life on earth, ending the reign of the trilobites and starting the reign of the dinosaurs. This thing could cause a mass extinction on it’s own.

    school is good if you want to be really precise. 🙂

  18. Hannah says:

    I totally agree with you Mr its hot…………
    Penguins Rock!!!!!
    I even have started a club called Penguins Rock!!!! 😯
    Its awesome.

    Today was the last day of school!!!!!
    or at least where I live………….

    Well today after school I gathered a bunch of people to
    run out the front doors with me to cheer because of the end of school.
    That was awesome too. 😀

  19. dan says:

    I am a kinda new reader and i must say I’ve never read a better comic

  20. Anonymous says:

    i agree with dan

  21. Dude. You have GOT to make a “Penguins is Serious!” shirt. With Osbourne jumping just like that, starburst in the background…

    I would so totally buy that. Money in the bank.

  22. Loe says:

    Penguins. Serious business.

  23. OT says:

    i’d cop a “Penguins is Serious” shirt

  24. oball says:

    Hey Tyler, congratualtions on being a runner up in SGR Idol.

  25. her says:

    I’d so wear a “Penguin Is Serious” T…..AND be willing to tollerate the looks of the Grammar Nazis… Hook us up!


    ‘Cause penguins IS serious!

  26. RW says:

    Heck ya! They is also hardcore!

  27. axis says:

    got to love wallys’ eyes in the second panel.

  28. izzieluv says:

    make a ‘penguins is serious’ wallpaper!

  29. eekbaa says:

    penguins is serious
    love wallys eyes

  30. penguin Luvr 20 says:

    rockin’ comic, ty! can i call u ty? i sometimes call my brother ty and he hates it! (his name is tyler, too!)
    happy belated thanxgivin’ every1!
    8th grade rox my sox
    can u post a pic of yourself somewhere on here tyler? im dying 2 c what u look like!
    rockin’ comic!
    i should start a website called Penguins Is and have penguin facts and pics! 🙂 (with ur permission of course ty! i dont wanna get sued by using a slogan from ur comic!)
    hows life everyone?

  31. penguin Luvr 20 says:

    penguinz r really serious people (pssss! they r really animals, but dont tell them!)

  32. Brian says:

    1st panel= 😐 2nd panel= 👿 3rd panel= 😡 And hten I = 😆

  33. Metroplex says:

    😡 👿 😆 ❗ 😛 ❗ 🙄 😐

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