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: Tooth Brushing
Feb 1, 2007

See, that’s what he gets for yelling. Osborne should know that this comic is full of ridiculous. Don’t worry though kids, just like all comics and cartoons, Osborne will have his beak back in the next episode like nothing happened… or will he?

In yesterday’s comic a lot of you had ideas of who Osborne might have been impersonating. I kind of saw them like this:
1. Similar to Moe from the three stooges.
2. Just being silly.
3. Wolverine, seriously, nobody thought that?
4. Just being crazy.
5. A cupie doll.
6. An old conquistador. “I claim Antarctica in the name of Spain!”

In the News…

These day I haven’t really been keeping up with posting stuff from the news regarding penguins, polar bears, Antarctica and global warming. Here’s a little update of what’s been happening recently:

Global Warming:
National Geographic has a recent article about how global warming is already causing extinctions. They list polar bears and adelie penguins (sorry Wally & Osborne) at great risk as they are dependent upon the sea ice for their livelihood. Read the article at National Geographic.

Penguins: A rare fiordland crested penguin was found exhausted on an Australian beach after a 1,240 mile swim. Normally they are found in the sub-Antarctic waters off southern New Zealand. He was rescued by a Sydney zoo, making him the only male fiordland crested penguin (also known as the “Groucho Marx” penguin due to it’s bushy “eyebrows”) in captivity. He will be introduced to the only two female fiordland crested penguins in captivity and hopefully soon they will have the only fiordland crested penguin chicks in captivity. Read the article at CNN.

Polar Bears: The proposal by the US government to list polar bears as endangered, or even “threatened” is still in progress and has Alaskan oil development concerned. What’s this? Protect the environment, one people live in too? Oh no! Read the recent article by Reuters.

Antarctic Whaling: I’ve mentioned Japanese whaling before, even after losing a lot of their corporate support for it due to the controversy, they are still busy hunting whales in the name of science. You may also recall they turn it into dog food as their whale burgers have not been as popular as hoped. An anti-whaling group that tries to interfere with the hunts, is currently offering a $25,000 reward to the location of the Japanese fleet that has been hunting in the Ross Sea off Antarctica. Read the article from Reuters.