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: Beaknapped!
Feb 2, 2007

Remember how I said this is a comic and Osborne’s beak would be back in the next episode. I lied! Ha!

Yes, I figured if Wally can take off his nose, Osborne can lose his beak. It was actually just a comic I had half-written, just for a gag where Osborne got smacked and his beak flew off. Reminded me of the same sort of thing happening to Daffy Duck back when I was a kid. So in the previous comic I decided to use the gag with the toothbrush theme. It really was just suppose to be a one-time absurd little bit, but I ended up writing a whole storyline for it, and we were due for a new short storyline, so here we go, bare with me on the total ridiculousness of it and total disregard for physics and anatomical limitations.

I’m hoping to have updates Monday through Friday next week with the storyline too, I mean, it’s a big deal, Osborne lost his beak, there may never be another halfway intelligent thing spoken in this comic.

The other great thing about this comic, is there is now some new original art available again. It seems to sell out pretty much right away so if you are interested, jump on it and let me know. I’m offering them very affordably to make sure everyone that wants some of my original art along with a piece of Wally & Osborne history can own it.