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: Beaknapped!
Feb 2, 2007

Remember how I said this is a comic and Osborne’s beak would be back in the next episode. I lied! Ha!

Yes, I figured if Wally can take off his nose, Osborne can lose his beak. It was actually just a comic I had half-written, just for a gag where Osborne got smacked and his beak flew off. Reminded me of the same sort of thing happening to Daffy Duck back when I was a kid. So in the previous comic I decided to use the gag with the toothbrush theme. It really was just suppose to be a one-time absurd little bit, but I ended up writing a whole storyline for it, and we were due for a new short storyline, so here we go, bare with me on the total ridiculousness of it and total disregard for physics and anatomical limitations.

I’m hoping to have updates Monday through Friday next week with the storyline too, I mean, it’s a big deal, Osborne lost his beak, there may never be another halfway intelligent thing spoken in this comic.

The other great thing about this comic, is there is now some new original art available again. It seems to sell out pretty much right away so if you are interested, jump on it and let me know. I’m offering them very affordably to make sure everyone that wants some of my original art along with a piece of Wally & Osborne history can own it.


  1. First Comment!! Woohoo!!
    Hey Everyone! Poor Osborne. First his beak fell off, now this!
    Here is my review paragraph!

    Emperors are excellent swimmers and can dive as deep as 1.750 feet! When searching for food, emperors can travel up to 870 miles in a single trip! Beacause of their webbed feet, emperor penguins can aslo slide or “toboggan” on ice 4 – 5 mph!

    That was my last review paragraph! Goodnight!

  2. Kevin Wilson says:

    “…there may never be another halfway intelligent thing spoken in this comic.”

    Come on Tyler, when has there ever been? LOL

    I was reminded of Daffy Duck too – ahh memories.

  3. Hannah says:

    hey people
    this reminds me of when a skua took Osborne’s fish and
    then came back to poke his eyes out.
    poor Osborne. everything bad always happens to him.
    except when it happens to someone else.

  4. aidA says:

    just wondering: if the middle panel for this comic was handrawn, how are all of the other ones done? on the computer? and are the original art ones colored on the the computer, since all of the orginal art that are selling are in black and white…
    if this has already been talked about somewhere else sometime, sorry for bringing up the subject again (just in case!)

  5. Penguin Guru says:

    Great comic Tyler! But about the original art? Can it be sold to Europe? And what about those comics that every square was hand-drawn? Shouldn’t those be in the original art Catagory? Here are the ones I’m thinking about!

    What are the answers to my questions? Thanks for your help!

  6. Tyler Martin says:

    That’s exactly right aidA. The “hand drawn” are inked on paper, the other created in the computer. The “hand drawn” are colored in the computer though, so that is indeed why the originals are black and white.

  7. {GiGi} says:

    Aww, poor Osborne, beakless Osborne 🙁

  8. Penguin Guru says:

    Hey tyler! Why didn’t you answer my questions! You answered aidA’s!

  9. Verlier says:

    What an evil bird, why it tooked his beak??, it already had one, I like those dramatic scenes, the shadowing and all those effects 😛

  10. Ishmael says:

    That’s………………………. Ironic.

  11. zeel says:

    he needs a rifel then he cold shoot that skua for good the skua is probibly jelis and wants a nice beek like osbornes

    hay tyler whar did wally go

  12. Roi says:

    Osborne looks like a whale head with feet, now. Maybe it’ll be a good way to scare seals away?

  13. Matt says:

    “Beaknapped” haha, brilliant!

  14. Bryan says:

    ROFL! Tyler…Thats FUNNY!

    Hmm… Poor Osborne….Beakless Bird…>.

  15. Sheena says:

    Poor little beakless osborne… 🙁
    How will he drink his coffee now?
    I smell a new storyline!! (or is that just me?) 😆

  16. Cristina says:

    Osborne should have brushed his beak, now it is gone…..
    *sniff* *sniff*

  17. Cristina says:

    Are you ever going to do fan art again Tyler?

  18. Phizlo says:

    Looks like Osborne won’t be able to say anything to Wally again. Stupid Skua. Why would it want a penguin’s beak anyway? 😕 Poor Osborne . . . Poor beakless Osborne . . .

  19. ahh!! he’s been BEAKNAPPED!!!! no!!!!!!! how will he ever talk? and i love storylines!!!! i wonder how many times osborne will just HAVE to talk, and he can’t? he might just explode! there’s a girl in my class who i wish that her mouth would fall off. she would DEFINATLY explode….. 😆 😛

  20. PG-13 says:

    3 pages come on tyler

  21. ha ha! his beak got napped! how will he breathe??? isn’t his nose on his beak????????????? i think wally should make him a beak the same way he made the refrigerator.

  22. I didn’t notice that you got three pages done! Boy I’m clueless!!! 😆

    Will you do another sale, Tyler? My mom STILL didn’t get me some T-shirts. 😕

    Beaknapped…… hehe……. 😛
    This comic reminded me of Daffy Duck too!! 😀

  23. BriGuy says:

    It should be interesting to find out how Osborne will get his beak back.

    I like the second panel. Poor Osborne just can’t do anything about it. If only Osborne could fly after the Skua.

    Or maybe they could fight over Osborne’s beak in a never ending Rock, Paper, Scissors, competition. 😛

  24. Penguin Guru says:

    Hey! The second panel is original art, but the word Skua is not original art! I just noticed that! Are you gonna answer my questions Tyler?

  25. Sputnix says:

    who’s the narrater?

  26. Jamie (I looove penguins) says:

    GAHHH! What the heck! Poor Osbourne….Wally was right for a change.:(


  28. Penguin Guru says:

    How does Osborne look like a whale head, Roi?

  29. How old is Wally too Tyler? not how long theyve been a comic,i mean their age. 😉 hope you reply!
    Osborne A. Penguin

  30. OrAnGe JuIcE says:

    Notice something bad happens when he says it can’t get worse.
    Ex. 1: comic on June 29th

  31. Poppy says:

    Poor little Osbourne. Quest of the Beak! Tyler, I like the Garfield comic but you didn’t do that. When will Max return? PLEASE reply!

  32. Go skua!! Fly away!!! Osborne’s got no beak!!! How will he breathe and talk? I like the skua drawing in the second drawing!

  33. Poppy says:

    I like it too FlipperBoidSkua!

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