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: Throwing Interference
Aug 29, 2006

Wally was always a simple bear. First thing that comes to his mind was probably not the best advice.

Farce of the Penguins

A couple months ago I read about this movie coming out and just hadn’t felt like mentioning it. I really got nothing else today so… there’s this movie coming out to jump on the penguin bandwagon called Farce of the Penguins, spoofing the hit documentary, March of the Penguins.

Bob Saget of “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos of American’s Hurting Themselves” is putting the project together and has gathered a handfull of celebrity names to attach to the project… who apparently did voices for penguins. I think it is in post-production but I don’t know when it’s coming out, if it is going to theater to try and compete with something like Happy Feet that’s coming out, or if it’s a straight to video deal. Not something I’m looking forward to or expecting to be funny with Bob Saget in charge of the writing and directing. I’ll try and keep an open mind though. 🙂


  1. Canadian Mooseman says:

    lol! HOORAY!

  2. BriGuy says:

    Hilarius! 😆 Once again Wally is just clueless. They’re not going to get any rocks that way. They need a plan “B”.

  3. Dylan says:

    Hilarious once again a great comic 🙂 Clicked on this on my bookmarks by accident not expecting a new update 😛

  4. aida says:


  5. BriGuy says:

    This story line has produced some of the best strips yet. I just can’t get over how funny that is. 😎

  6. tux says:

    Another great comic, keep up the great work 😀

  7. Jackum says:

    Great comic mate, I just read all your comics in one sitting. Great work. Simple but VERY funny. I find it incredible you found so many possibilities from snow, hills and the general wild life of animals in the area. Loving Wally!

  8. Hannah says:

    hey whats up people 😛

    yeah telling him to say the first thing that came to mind was a bad idea. 😕
    he should have told him exactly what to say.

    well heres my penguin fact:

    Fiordland crested penguins have white streaks across the cheeks
    and are sometimes called “thick billed penguins”. 😎

  9. Justin says:

    Haha that was really funny, gotta little tear in my eye that made my day thanks Tyler, I can go to sleep tonight with a smile.

  10. tombosley says:

    i laughed alot louder than i have ever laughed at one of these comics.

  11. Alexis :) says:

    That’s like that word test thing where someone says a word and you’re supposed to say the first thing that comes to mind, and the people on TV always say the same thing.

  12. Zack says:

    nice tyler, hurry up with more :laugh:, wate hold on my sides hurt, :laugh:
    ok i just got back on my chair. ROCK ON TYLER, no pun intended,

  13. Jai Inder says:

    Awesome. I have no criticism, just complements. WAY TO GO!

  14. Joepro says:

    No offence Tyler, but some of my favorite movies are spoofs. Exellent Comic.

  15. Flux says:

    Another hilarious one, I’m satisfied for now, but I’ll have to wait another day for another comic!

    I’m too addicted to them ^^
    (well atleast it’s a healthy addiction)

    A small thought that occured to me today: I have great respect for comic/cartoon writers/drawers, where do you keep getting inspiration for all the new jokes! Keep up the great work.

  16. Bandman says:

    Hey, nice positive comments today! Goes great with the funny strips.

  17. Emywemy says:

    OMG, that was soo funny!

  18. Phizlo says:

    HA HA HA HA, so funny! Lol! Wally very cool.

  19. Canadian Mooseman says:

    Happy Feet is probably gonna be acool movie

  20. Emywemy says:

    The expresion of the penguin in the last panel is beond funny ! ! ! LOL

  21. Sinlet says:

    LoL soooo funny

  22. Sarah says:

    lol, good old wally…

  23. Canadian Mooseman says:

    new comic PLEASE!!!

  24. Lil says:

    LOL Wally, you’re just what everybody wants in a friend……NOT!
    Greay Comic, Tyler!

  25. axis says:

    you said it Lil!

  26. Nealeo says:

    Best one yet you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. CC says:

    😆 Funny!Maybe next time Wally should say something that won’t give away Osborne…Or maybe Osbourne needs a smarter freind. 😆 💡

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