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: Is It Bad?
Aug 30, 2006

I hardly notice it… looks fine.

Bopping each other with their bellies is a common way for penguins to fight. I’ll see if I can get some video footage of that to share with you in the next day or so.

Penguins On the Highway

I hadn’t been following my news feeds lately and was going through catching up. Earlier this month, a truck carrying zoo animals overturned on a Texas highway spilling out two dozen penguins onto the road. One penguin died in the crash and three were killed by oncoming traffic. Man, that would feel horrible to run over a penguin.


  1. axis says:

    your right jesse

  2. ostrich girl says:

    well, i’ll say! hope you get well soon Osborne! :*

  3. ostrich girl says:

    ja ja! my birthday comic!!!

  4. Semakora says:

    Poor penguins… :'(

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