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: Small Rocks
Aug 28, 2006

Dust in the wind… Osborne’s rocks are dust in the wind. Guess that’s what he gets for being a cheapskate.

You may have noticed I used squid as the currency yesterday. Like one reader mentioned it was a play on the word quid, a British slang for their own currency, a pound, and I think a fairly commonly used word in Australia.

Previously I had used clams as a unit of currency in the comic. Also a slang word for a dollar. This doesn’t seem to fit because I don’t believe any clams exist in the immediate coastal area of the continent of Antarctica and they are not on the food menu for penguins, so they wouldn’t really have any value. In fact I can’t find much information of any mollusks there. I think you would have to head up the Antarctica peninsula a ways up the islands or to the deeper outer reaches of the sea. Then there are some weird shellfish happening. If you recall, even the crabeater seal does not eat crab, but most likely got the name while munching on krill. The waters surrounding the continent do however seem to have some species of starfish and urchins.

Anyway, while researching this I did come across a cool little article about giant clams that lived in an ancient Antarctica and lived up to 120 years!

Another Ad Agency Not Knowing That There Are Two Poles Strikes Again

I don’t watch TV that much, but the other night while going to sleep I had flipped it to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet (which I believe is owned by Discovery). Anyway, sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to a commercial, my Antarctic senses must have been tingling. It was for Capital One, a husband is telling his wife about the vacation they are going on, she guesses some island places but it ends up showing them in either the Arctic or Antarctic. You don’t really know because he is sitting around some penguins (Antarctic creatures) when he makes the joke that it is walrus mating season (Arctic creatures) and his wife goes running in the background with one chasing her.

Last time I gave the commercial creators a hard time because it was targeted at kids. And they should not be confusing them. This time it’s on the freaking Discovery Channel! Come on people, isn’t marketing about research? And a lot of this is just common knowledge. It’s like showing an African Safari with a bunch of kangaroos hopping around.