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: Small Rocks
Aug 28, 2006

Dust in the wind… Osborne’s rocks are dust in the wind. Guess that’s what he gets for being a cheapskate.

You may have noticed I used squid as the currency yesterday. Like one reader mentioned it was a play on the word quid, a British slang for their own currency, a pound, and I think a fairly commonly used word in Australia.

Previously I had used clams as a unit of currency in the comic. Also a slang word for a dollar. This doesn’t seem to fit because I don’t believe any clams exist in the immediate coastal area of the continent of Antarctica and they are not on the food menu for penguins, so they wouldn’t really have any value. In fact I can’t find much information of any mollusks there. I think you would have to head up the Antarctica peninsula a ways up the islands or to the deeper outer reaches of the sea. Then there are some weird shellfish happening. If you recall, even the crabeater seal does not eat crab, but most likely got the name while munching on krill. The waters surrounding the continent do however seem to have some species of starfish and urchins.

Anyway, while researching this I did come across a cool little article about giant clams that lived in an ancient Antarctica and lived up to 120 years!

Another Ad Agency Not Knowing That There Are Two Poles Strikes Again

I don’t watch TV that much, but the other night while going to sleep I had flipped it to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet (which I believe is owned by Discovery). Anyway, sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to a commercial, my Antarctic senses must have been tingling. It was for Capital One, a husband is telling his wife about the vacation they are going on, she guesses some island places but it ends up showing them in either the Arctic or Antarctic. You don’t really know because he is sitting around some penguins (Antarctic creatures) when he makes the joke that it is walrus mating season (Arctic creatures) and his wife goes running in the background with one chasing her.

Last time I gave the commercial creators a hard time because it was targeted at kids. And they should not be confusing them. This time it’s on the freaking Discovery Channel! Come on people, isn’t marketing about research? And a lot of this is just common knowledge. It’s like showing an African Safari with a bunch of kangaroos hopping around.


  1. BriGuy says:

    I hope the rocks in the bargain box were cheep because if they’re so small you can barely see them Osborne must have bought an awful lot of them. He would have gone broke if the rocks were even one squid a piece.

    I love how Wally has the big eyes first panel 😯 .. actually, I love everything about Wally in the first panel. 🙂

  2. io says:

    hi,im back from vacatioon and am greeeted by 5 new comics!

  3. Justin says:

    Is there really any squid in the South Pole Water, cause wow, They must be awesome in an odd way…hmm well keep posting the comics.

  4. Edi says:

    That pose of Wally’s in panel one is priceless. It reminds me of a love sick teenager swooning over a cheap bracelet.

  5. Canadian Mooseman says:

    hooray tyler. cant wait to see if they even get a house!

  6. Canadian Mooseman says:

    what’s with the huge repetiitive comics?

  7. Canadian Mooseman says:


  8. OSBOURNE & WALLY says:

    whats up with PG-13?
    awsome comic tyler!

  9. Canadian Mooseman says:

    i kn0w? whats with all those long comments that we’ve done before

  10. Mat says:

    Pounts or Quid aren’t used in Australia. Our slang for money is usually ‘bucks’…. “Five bucks for that!?” you know…

    Good comic yet again.

  11. Jai Inder says:

    Oh I knew those rocks would blow away! Well I didn’t REALLY know until I saw the comic, but I had a feeling.

  12. Sheena says:


  13. S Dolphin says:

    hahahahahahaha…………. yet sad

    hi everyone. i have not intrduced myself. i have read all of them but did not say anything till the last couple of weeks.

  14. Alexis :) says:

    I like it. 😆
    Anyway, I think my mom told me that Discovery owns HG TV and Food Network too.
    Along with Animal Planet.

  15. wendell says:

    Hey! Hey! I know this! Discovery Communications, which is part-owned by Cox Cable, runs the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, The Travel Channel, The Military Channel, The Science Channel, FitTV, as well as the obvious Discovery Kids, Discovery Health, Discovery Home and Discovery Times (which started as a joint venture with the New York Times, but the NYT bailed), and also distributes BBC America (so they are partly to blame if BBCA isn’t on your basic tier where it belongs). Meanwhile, HGTV, the Food Network, as well as DIYNet, Fine Living and Great American Country all belong to Scripps Co., which also owns some newspapers and broadcast TV stations and United Media, the newspaper syndicators of Dilbert, Peanuts, Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine. So, if Tyler’s going to criticize a cable channel, it’s better to go after Discovery than Food Network.

  16. Cpt. Stubble says:

    We use squid now in reference for money?

    This is news to me!

  17. io says:

    hi,i havent been posting beacause ive bean gone on vacation without internet for a whole week 😮 :rolleyes: 👿 !

  18. io says:


  19. Joepro says:

    Those darn commercials should do some reashearch next time. And the fact it was Discovery just ticks me off!

  20. Zack says:

    that was so funny.
    Tyler plz hurry up with more.
    I wonder if they will ever make a house, maybe they should make the igloo in

    exept they should have a door this time XD

  21. Phizlo says:

    At first, I thought the rocks were so small you couldn’t see them. I was wrong. Anyway, funny comic. 🙂

  22. the scrawny penguin lover says:

    I think it would be funny if Wally did spend a lot of time to get a bunch of squid together to buy a bunch of rocks only to find out there was like a ‘1 rock per customer rule’ or something.

  23. Adam says:

    the hidden genius of that strip is wally’s foot in the air in the first panel. and osborne’s “what the hell are you on” look in thee second.

  24. axis says:

    curses they blew away

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