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: The Ride
May 5, 2006

I think it’s really best Osbourne didn’t get to ride that ride anyway. I don’t think the wheels on that coaster are really going to roll, it would probably have just fallen off the top. Even if they did roll there is no way it was going to have enough speed to make that loop.

I was a short kid so I clearly remember the “you must be this tall to ride” signs. I think by the time I was tall enough I had gained a healthy fear of the ride anyway.

Update Schedule

Well, this week was more of a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule but that beats last week. A bit longer on this other comic project I got going, followed up by a much needed vacation, and then working on the book and I should be back to a regular schedule. See, I’m not going to lie to you here, On the Rocks is made out of pure magic, that really can’t just be factory produced. It’s amazing I’m even able to save it to a GIF file and get it onto the internet in a timely fashion at all. So hang in there through the slimmer updates. Check back every day or subscribe to one of the services to the right there to be notified of updates.

Did You Say Book?

Heck yeah I did! I am just a few comics short of putting together the first collection of On the Rocks in print form.

“If you do come out with a book, I have a sincere and heartfelt recommendation for you: PRINT IT IN COLOR!!!!”
– Scratchfury

Yes, the On the Rocks book will be printed in color. It wouldn’t feel right in B&W, that would be less than what you already have online. So the book will definitely be in vibrant full… er blue and orange if it takes every cent you got.

“Also, you’ll definitely need to find a way to include your daily commentary in the book, because that’s half of what makes this site so great!”
– Scratchfury

The commentary would be great, but that would be a lot of full color cost page area for just text. Also, I want the book to be read comic to comic without interruption (I find the commentary more a companion on the web to add to the comic since you only get fed one at a time). Also the commentary would need to be edited down and such. It is something I might do further down the road for a special addition archival collection or something. However, the book WILL have a lot of information from the commentary presented as little factoids as well as a whole new original little comic book style story.


  1. Larry says:

    Excellent news about the book, Tyler! Are you going Print on Demand through LuLu? Just curious – I have considered doing that…

  2. rocketgrrl says:

    book?!? i only have one thing to say about that: w00t!

  3. shink says:

    Alright, the first book!

    Love this one; especially the 4th panel. Osbourne always bites, eh? 😀

  4. mike says:

    Book?!? my kids will go Nuts!

    Also loved the mix of stlyes in this one!
    Love to see more of that too.

    Great one! (Again!) 😀

  5. taylor says:

    So, in the panel where he says “pretty please” he looks like a cross between a baby bunny and satan himself. I love it 😛

  6. ouch…that hurt osbourne’s feelings…. 😉
    anyway, i am so happy today 🙂
    and this comic just made me happier 😀

  7. Cat says:

    Scariest. Face. Ever.

  8. Antacrticus says:

    will the book be published as in books a million published or published as in self published?

  9. Jeroen says:

    I just wanted to say 2 things:
    1) this comic is great ! I have been a fan since the beginning
    2) I find the ‘style’ of the picture in which Wally says: “pretty please” sooooo sickening. I know it is supposed to look sweet, but I actually find it scary… really scary

  10. Big Mack says:

    the 4th panel freaks me out…it reminds me of the show “Ren and Stimpy”

    congrats on the book man….i luv this comic!

  11. Sev says:

    Hah! The hand-drawn panels are disturbingly funny.

  12. robert says:

    that’s just mean… deja vu on the sign as i was a small kid too… nice work love wally when he’s doing things like this…

  13. Whalehugger says:

    Great strip and have been enjoying it since I came across the link on Dave Kellet’s page. Definitely looking forward to seeing the book come out so I can add it to my fave comics collection.

    And don’t worry about being punctual on posting. Love to read the strips, but if it’s late or behind, no biggie. It’s worth the wait!

  14. Kevin says:

    Okay, so there’ll be a book – will it be available to us people who live outside the USA?

    I love the concept of “You must be this tall to…(insert activity)” because you can get out of talking to so many short people simply by putting your hand on your chest and saying “You must be this tall to talk to me”.

  15. Matt D says:

    Will there ever be OTR guest strips? I would love to see other artist’s interpretation of the characters

  16. Lee says:

    Pity certain Government departments don’t have a sign reading “You must be this smart to work here”.

    It occurs to me that if most of the local residents are penguins Wally won’t have many eligible customers for his ride. Does that mean he gets to ride it all by himself? (With hilariously disastrous results, perhaps?)

  17. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    lol, that cracks me up! speaking of rides, Im going to an amusement park in a week or so! 😀 lol

  18. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    and about the book… AWESOME!!!!!!!

  19. TheBassicBassist says:

    you should make toys for your characters, I would buy them if they were too expensive

  20. TheBassicBassist says:

    I meant NOT too expensive, sorry

  21. ScratchFury says:

    Heh, I ’bout wet my pants when I saw that I’d gotten a mention in your blog post accompanying today’s comic… I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re printing the book in color! And your points about expensive color-page real estate for text make complete sense–I really hadn’t considered that angle. The factoids seem like an excellent solution, as they will give us the interesting information each day without inhibiting smooth comic-to-comic reading.

    I’m so excited about this collected volume!! Thanks for creating such an enjoyable comic!

  22. Athena says:

    Wally looks kinda scary in the fourth panel. Umm, hwere did he get the jacket?

  23. bobo says:

    is a VEST and who cares?

  24. {GiGi} says:

    Extreme cuteness! ^^

  25. Catherine says:

    Love those eyes ❗ ❗ ❗ :mrgreen:

  26. Jenny says:

    Wally opened a ROLLERCOASTER?! It’s just a SNOW rollercoaster, and it just goes on a loop-de-loop. Most boring rollercoaster ever. I hope Wally makes a better snow rollercoaster for the penguins- including Osbourne-next time. And WHERE did he get that vest?

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