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: Start It Up
May 3, 2006

Yes, if you run the Windows operating system then you know that you click “Start” to shut the system off, makes a lot of sense as do it’s many quirks. This comic is not about that though, its just about smashing your computer to pieces, as I’m sure we’ve all wanted to do at times and Wally is ready and willing to step up to the plate and handle that for us.

I created this comic just to help vent the frustration I’ve had with my computer lately, part of it involving Windows and it’s ways. I’m back up and running though, and to the business of making comics. You can read more of that experience way down below if you choose.

Dear Polar Bears & Hippos, Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out

That might as well be what we are saying. They’ve both been added to the threatened species list due to climate change, unregulated hunting and other man-made dangers. The World Conservation Union has added 530 species to its “Red List” since two years ago. The polar bear population is thought to be reduced by 30% within the next 45 years. Here’s some more reading…

Polar Bears, Hippos Added To “Red List” – CNN
Updated List Adds More Threatened Species – Reuters
Polar Bears Sink Deeper Into Danger –
More Species Slide To Extinction – BBC News
Endangered Species List Expands to 16,000 – National Geographic

We’ll do a global warming update tomorrow.

Komix Korner

I figured I’d make another little section around here to feature some other fun webcomics I run into. Mainly I just wanted to mention Silent Kimbly today because it’s got a penguin in it for the win! Silent Kimbly is a very cute, wonderful and whimsical comic about a little girl, the fantastical world she lives in, and a play on words. It’s a single-panel comic, and each episode often features a familiar phrase or saying twisted into a bit different of a meaning.

My Computer Troubles

I had posted weeks ago about having some computer problems. Files corrupting, random program crashing and even random reboots. That made for good times, let me tell you. I had reloaded my system, formatted and reinstalled windows, a fresh clean copy always seems to run nice, but the problems were still there.

I noticed the system bios was not staying saved, maybe a bad battery, but actually resetting itself each reboot, as well as setting my clock back an hour from whatever the time. I decided a new motherboard and processor were in order, had been meaning to upgrade to something a bit faster anyway. I went to the local CompUSA and got a motherboard AMD processor combo. Then I find out my case’s power supply doesn’t have the separate processor power connector. My case is big, old and clunky with noisy fans anyway, so I went over to Best Buy and got a snazzy new case.

I love my new case, I wanted to bring it to bed with me last night and cuddle it like a dear little teddy. It has three fans yet is stealthily quite. It has rubber mountings for the hard drive, and my DVD drive slid and locked into place without using a single screw. I should have upgraded my case long ago.

The next problem was Windows XP not wanting to start, since it had new hardware it couldn’t deal with. So I did the Windows repair that basically reloads it on top of itself. Doing so basically invalidated Service Packs 1 and 2 so I had to start the long process of autoupdates and reboots. I couldn’t get the Service Pack 2 without Activating Windows though. You got to love that activation, once again copy protection just makes complications for those that are paying for stuff legitimately. So annoying.

The thing wouldn’t Activate though since I just Activated it on reloading Windows, but then tells me I got 3 days to Activate it before it shuts me down. Talk about making you want to get an illegal hacked version, not cool. So I click on Activate by phone, call Microsofts number and after going through a menu I have to speak into the phone a long list of numbers, not my 25 character Windows Product Key I just tried entering three times, but a new Install ID that is like 48 numbers long. After that it says I cannot Activate, I know this! Then it puts me on hold for a while till I get a real person, I think it was, they sure sounded like a robot. They have me repeat the stupid number again, ask me how many computers I have it loaded on, and then finally give me another activation number that also nears 50 digits.

At any rate, at least I am back up and running and my legally purchased OS is not threatening to shut me down since I had to replace a part. Thanks a lot Microsoft! 😡

To end on a good note, again, I love the new case, and the new processor is popping right along. Now to start saving up for a tablet PC because that’s what I’d really like… so um, buy books when I have them some day. 😉


  1. Jhon says:

    wow i hope wally never come close to my computer :X
    i hope today’s comments wont be full of flood..

  2. trouble turning off your comp? ask wally! 🙂
    call 1-800-HitYourComp 😀
    w/e, im not funny, right?
    im just bored…… 😯 😀 🙂 🙄

  3. how did 😀 & 🙄 get back to the lab again?
    that’s what confuses me.. 👿

  4. hey new comic featuring:
    😀 🙄 & the smileys !
    :madl: – …..

    😀 – whats up? u seen osbourne?

    :madl: – ….

    🙂 – ……….

    😕 (director) – wats going on?

    🙂 – i dano i think osbourne 4got his cue


    🙄 – o great, i missed my part dang it!

    😀 – hey there u r, wanna go play?

    🙄 – no, but….

    😯 – !!!!!!

    😯 – who is that guy? ( 😡 )

    🙂 – o, that is just nobody

    😯 – o

    🙄 – hi nobody

    👿 – how dare u call me nobody u chicken!…

    😯 – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sry but the 😡 guy pic got malfunctioned……
    😡 – ….how dare u not put my pic

    😡 (turning evil) – now u made me angry


  6. RW says:

    *Blink* …Ok…that was…odd.

    Well anyways, super funny strip, I’ve wanted to do that to my computer many times before, and a few times just today!

    I have a little spoof of the I’m with stupid comic in video form, but the site that I use is being dumb, so I guess you’ll have to wait.

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind me doing these videos.

  7. phil says:

    three words. buy a mac. 🙂

  8. Tyler Martin says:

    Heheh Phil, I knew someone would say that. 😀

  9. hey people, have u checked out
    its cool u can have smileys for free
    u can e-mail them to your friends
    or IM them… 🙁 😛 😉 😡 🙁 😕 😀 🙂 🙄 😯 👿

  10. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    heh heh, i hate computer problems, when we had a really old computer that was my parents and it go handed down to me, my bro tried to put a cool game on it and it jacked it all up, it froze up, pretty much crashed after that, i was so mad, I had to reinstall everything, i mean everything, it was never the same after that, i lost everything that i had saved and so we just pitched that one and got a new one. lol anyways, glad your computer is back up! 😀

  11. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    and by the way, great comic! ive wanted to do that before…

  12. Lurker says:

    🙁 – Why did you smash the computer?
    😀 – Because Osbourne wanted it to shut down.
    😡 – I’m afraid I will have to kill you.
    🙂 – Then I will use my biting powers to stop you.
    👿 – Your biting is no match for my devilish powers!


    😯 – What was that?


    😕 – I think everyone disappeared.

  13. Kevin says:

    There is nothing lworse than wanting to smash your machine with a shovel but knowing you can’t do it because of the inconvenience.

    I agree, shutting down something using the START button makes no sense, but remember, if Micro$oft ever decided to build vacuum cleaners, they would be the only thing they make that wouldn’t suck.

  14. Lee says:

    Why should I buy a Mac? It’s not raining.

  15. a.c. says:

    Silly Tyler! Everybody knows that the only way to get a computer to work reliably is to a buy new one every Monday.

  16. Hywel says:

    I’ve always poked fun at Microsoft Windows for using Start to stop, if you know what I mean…

    Osbourne’s initial problem though was having hundreds of windows open on the screen, something I tend to do, unfortunately. There’s a quick solution to minimising them all in one keypress – Press the Windows key and ‘D’ at the same time – whoosh – they’re all minimised.

    Also useful for instantly removing web browsing/games you don’t want the boss, who’s just about to walk into the room to see 🙂

  17. Apple says:

    I’m with Phil on this, I give you 3 letters: MAC

  18. Adam says:

    Try UNIX… sure, it doesn’t have any good image manipulation for complex tasks and so might be utterly useless to you… but… err.. it won’t give you any trouble.

  19. ScratchFury says:

    If you do come out with a book, I have a sincere and heartfelt recommendation for you:


    Please please please, I beg of you, print it in color! The other color comic strips I read that have made B&W books have looked awful Color comic strips just don’t translate into black and white very well. The one comic collection I have which did get printed in color (Ctrl-Alt-Del) looks fantastic, and was well worth the money. It may be pricey, but the readers will appreciate it! Well, at least this reader will 🙂

    Also, you’ll definitely need to find a way to include your daily commentary in the book, because that’s half of what makes this site so great! Perhaps you could have the left page be the comic and the right page the commentary?

    Just my $0.02

  20. Cubby Cheeks! LOL! not really says:

    🙂 LOL! Luv the Comic keep um comin!

  21. (back to the 🙂 , 🙄 & smileys)

    😯 – who called me a chicken?

    👿 – i did

    😯 – o

    😯 – ….

    🙂 – dont worry osbourne i can club him for ya


    🙄 – thats fine w/ me

    👿 – if u take one step toward me, u r going to meet your creator!

    🙂 – o! u mean the magic rainbow?


    👿 – *thinks in head* i wanted real enemies to fight with, not stupid dummies who
    always have their heads in a empty homer simpson cloud!!!!!

    👿 – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    👿 – DIRECTOR! GIMME A NEW PART!!!!!!!!!

  22. RW says:

    Tyler, I found this image of a penguin, enjoy!

  23. Wowie says:

    How u gt the icons?

  24. bobo says:

    sweet pic RW.

  25. SHAHBAAZ says:

    i want to do that sumtime, lol

  26. Andrew the 9 Year-Old says:


  27. jde78439 says:

    The start button probably means start to do something like “Start to turn off the computer” or “Start to browse the web”

  28. Henry says:

    They’re gone…They were funny…

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