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: I’m With Stupid
May 1, 2006

See, Wally isn’t stupid, again he’s used his simple but effective problem solving methods. I always think of “I’m With Stupid” shirts as only being used in comedies, cartoons or comics. But after a quick search of T-Shirt suppliers on the internet you would be surprised at how many designs based on this exist on shirts that you can order now.

If I made one, the arrow would swivel, so you could point it any direction, and spare yourself the embarrassment of not having it actually point at the person in your company you deem “stupid”. šŸ˜‰

I might be a bit light on posting news this week because I have a contracted comic job I have to get done. But I still want to make sure to have comics all week and not have it be like last week. šŸ™

Polar-oid: An Animated Short

Check out this wonderful little cartoon starring two young Inuits and a polar bear. It is the thesis film of animation student Meredith Gran (creator of the currently hiatustatical webcomic Skirting Danger).