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: Pop Rocks & Soda
Apr 27, 2006

Yes, this comic comes straight out of urban legend.

Carbonation. We love it. I don’t know what it is, but us humans love inserting tiny bubbles into our bellies. Maybe we just love the burps. Nobody likes flat soda, we like it bubbly. And carbonating candy, that’s pretty wacky, that’s what Pop Rocks are if you’ve never had them, apparently they’ve been around since the mid-seventies so if you haven’t you probably don’t get out much… or had better things to do than stick explosive candy in your mouth.

I’m not a big soda drinker but I like it when I’m sick, clear sodas, so calming and easy on the stomach. Not so sure about Pop Rocks though. I use to lick my lips and then put them on it, sometimes you’d get a snapper that would really sting.

Also you will not really explode by combining the two, they are basically the same thing, carbonation. It is scientifically proven that carbonation plus carbonation does not equal exploding people. I remember the urban legend that the “Mikey likes it” kid from the Life cereal commercials died from mixing the two. Those crazy urban legends, we’ll have to cover some more of them sometime.

Wally often makes interesting snowmen and snow creations, but this particular strip especially pays some tribute to the Calvin & Hobbes strips featuring Calvin’s own derranged snowmen offerings.