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: Magic Marker
Apr 26, 2006

The only thing magic about magic markers is how they magically don’t wash off of anything. It’s a pretty funny term… “magic” marker. It’s funny how generic brand names like that can set in to be commonly used words. I assume the phrase was coined back when they first created them, they must have been pretty impressed with themselves. Must have been during the age of invention when everything was “amazing”. Either way, small children and Wally should not have them in their possession.

Sidetracked With ComicPress…

I got a little sidetracked the last couple days and didn’t have new comics for you, my apologies for not giving you your fix. I got playing with the theme I made to run the comic here. I use the popular blogging software known as WordPress. I had created a custom theme for it for publishing Webcomics with WordPress and when I did so I also shared it for other Webcomic creators to use, it’s called ComicPress. I updated it with a new version, it even got a mention on the blog of the founding developer of WordPress, that was pretty cool. Maybe some of the people linking in will have found On the Rocks.

Anyway, there were things I wanted to fix and add to it so I just got doing that until it was done. You’ll notice the new bookmarking system to the right at the top of the sidebar. This is so you can mark any comic and return to it in the future, for reading through the archives over several sessions or for those not able to get to the site every day to remember the last comic they read. The archives have a search feature now that they are getting bigger. There’s a couple other little features I need to add around here to get it up to speed too the new ComicPress too.