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: Earth Day: High Five!
Apr 22, 2006

It’s a high five when you add Wally’s four fingers with Osbourne’s flipper. Anyway, I have a special update on this Saturday to wish a Happy Earth Day to you dear readers.

President Bush marked today with a focus on alternative fuel. Heh, that headline caught me off guard, didn’t think I read it right. Anyway, weren’t we just talking about that…

There are also some very topical Earth Day photos over at Slate today.

Global Warming Fun Time

Global Warming Since I regularly post the latest events in global warming and its effects on Antarctica, I thought I could make a regular little section out of it complete with it’s own graphic. There’s been several articles recently so here’s a quick rundown…

“US reveals sins of emission”. The US is the biggest emmiter of greenhouse gases in the world and US emissions are up 16% from 1990. Read more at

European car makers are falling “far short” of producing the fuel efficient cars they promised to the European Union in 1998. Read more at BBC.

A new study says that the climate might not be as affected by greenhouse gases as scientists originally thought. It almost sounds like good news, but I think it’s pretty equivalent to saying that the cookies might take a bit longer to bake than the package suggested. The study seems to conclude that the findings do not diminish the threat of global warming. Great news guys, good job. 😉 Read more at National Geographic.

Here’s kind of a funny article “why global warming is good for business”. One part of it is in using consumer guilt, “better go with our product because it uses less energy”. I guess that’s not a bad thing if in the end it does aid in some greater good. Read more at CNN Money.

Most notable of these articles to animal and nature lovers… “Global Warming Could Cause Mass Extinctions by 2050”. That’s a bold statement and the reality of it kind of grim. We are talking one quarter of the earth’s plants and animal species are in jeopardy. Read more at National Geographic.