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: Environmentalists
Apr 20, 2006

Oil, what a clean burning fuel. It’s nice to see Wally and Osbourne doing their part for the environment.

Oil may have a grim future as a primary fuel source. There have been lots of news bits popping up about alternative solutions for more available and cleaner burning fuels. Former Exxon head doesn’t seem to see oil being replaced, maybe he’s just enjoying his fat retirement too much. Central America is looking into turning sugar to ethanol as a solution. Another new breakthrough discovery is to turn coal into clean diesel.

Various News Bits

If you watched March of the Penguins then you witnessed a mother emperor penguin attempting to kidnap another chick after losing her own. Apparently this is due to raging hormones. Read more at National Geographic.

Antarctica has many lakes miles beneath its ice sheets. Scientists have discovered that they are connected by channels that could actually allow water to flow between them. Russian scientists are prepared to tap into the largest lake in search of life, in the form of tiny microbes.

Space probe takes new photographs of the south pole… on Venus! 😉