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: Oil Is Flammable
Apr 19, 2006

And that kids is why we never play with matches.

It was nice of our “heroes” to want to clean up some spilt oil, but it seems a task even modern day humans are not up to. I’ve seen some documentaries on penguins coming up onto the beach escaping oil spills in the ocean in places like South Africa and it wasn’t pretty. Fortunately there are organizations that work hard to gather up the survivors, scrub them clean and return them to the wild. I’ve posted this before, but here’s some info on the sweaters they put on penguins that have been victims of an oil spill to help rehabilitate them, you can even make your own to send in.

Japanese Whaling Update

I don’t have the news links handy since I lost my mail files. But to follow up on the Japanese whaling situation, several of the large corporations in Japan that were hunting whales have announced that they are throwing in the towel, or the harpoon as far as whaling goes claiming that the strong opposition against it was just too much. I personally think the whale burgers were just not selling to well, I mean, when they announced they were putting the whale meat in dog food to get rid of it you knew something was up. I believe global warming alone is taking its toll on the whales enough without humans killing them off.


Ah, here is a news link for the whaling subject at National Geographic (thanks Stephanie!). Also here is a link to Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds who rescue penguins from oil spills like I was mentioning (thanks Ana!).