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: Crude Oil
Apr 18, 2006

Antarctica is often referred to as the last unspoiled place on earth. Unfortunately that is changing and it is only a matter of time. As far as I know, to this day there are old wrecked ships there still leaking fuel into otherwise clean waters. I’ve seen some older TV specials where they would occasionally check the wrecks and try to keep the old tanks welded up. With more humans travelling and working there, coupled with the lack of ozone and global warming we could see this last continent change drastically in this next century.

Saving the Polar Bear

Wally seems pretty indestructable but real polar bears are getting thinner as their hunting ice gets thinner. With the way things are going, one day there may be no ice at all in the arctic during the summer. Summer is a long time without much food for polar bears and two US explorers are going to travel the arctic (1,100 miles) by foot and canoe studying their changing habitat. More information at CNN.


Okay, maybe not really a dinosaur, but a penguin that lived before the dinosaurs died out has been discovered. Its fossils are the oldest penguin fossils on record, unearthed in New Zealand. Read more at National Geographic.


  1. Jenny says:

    HOLY SWEET WHALE CARCASS! At least Wally’s wearing his scarf again.

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