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: The Box
May 8, 2006

Often the boxes toys come in these days have more playability to kids than the toys themselves. When I was young one set of my parents owned a furniture store and I spent a lot of time in the freight room with my little sister often creating stuff. We had an assortment of cool boxes and packing stuff at our disposal, including huge couch boxes and endless bubble wrap (oh yeah). One time we built this huge castle of connecting boxes that was pretty cool. I’d hang out in it if it were still around today. It was complete with windows, doors, connecting hallways and floored with carpet samples.

As far as smelly fruit boxes, I’ve gotten a few of them too over the years when moving comes around and you find yourself at the back of the local grocery store asking for empty boxes. You can never have enough empty boxes when you’re moving, and new empty boxes seems to cost more than buying actual stuff that comes in boxes these days.

200 Comics

Yup, this comic is officially the big number two-zero-zero. More importantly though, I’m only about a week worth of comics away from filling the first book collection. I’m really excited to put it together even though that undoubtedly means a lot of work.