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: In the Box
May 9, 2006

One thing readers reminded me of yesterday was how much animals love to play in boxes too. Wally & Osbourne are somewhere between children and animals so I guess it’s pretty fitting. Also sometimes at the zoo you will see boxes in the animal enclosures all torn up. The zookeepers give them boxes to play with as a recreational activity, it stimulates their natural curiosity and gives them something to chew and shred. By the state of the boxes you’ll see they get some good use out of them.

A box is a fun item in a comic, because just like kids and animals, you can do so much with them too. Several have mentioned the box from Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin would use it as a transmogrifier and a duplicator as part of his mad scientist type play. There is a pretty entertaining episode of Spongebob Squarepants too, where Spongebob and Patrick get a big screen tv only to trash the tv and play in the box.

Short post today, I’ll try to get caught up on the latest happenings in the world of Antarctica tomorrow.


  1. ew…….
    u know, the last comic when he finds the box,
    it is sooo like spongebob
    remember people?
    “imagination…………….” 😀

  2. Emma says:

    My sister used to sing a song she made up that went like this:

    Dont put yourself in a box
    ’cause its a box
    and you’re not.
    and it’s a box
    so its uncomfortable!
    ’cause its a box
    and you’re not.

    and then you’d replace “box” with other things

    Dont put yourself in a ruler…and so on. its fun! This comic reminded me of that.

  3. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    lol, our cats love boxes! i have no clue why, just in their instinct I guess. I also love that episode of Spongebob. Its the best! Great comic!! 😀

  4. Nikos says:

    You know, I’ve kind of detected a loose basing on Calvin & Hobbes throughout this comic. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that this is in anyway a copy of Calvin & Hobbes. It just has the same childish, imaginitive flavor, which I enjoy very much. Awesome Job.

  5. bobo says:

    sweet comic, and can you make a undies on ice wall paper, you know this.—>

  6. Kevin says:

    My cat occasionally will enjoy playing in a box until she thinks I am catching her doing something wrong – then she runs a mile.

    Wally appears to be using the “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me” technique with Osbourne in that last panel.

  7. Lee says:

    Little Dee also has a box-related theme this week:

  8. a.c. says:

    “…you can use it to save yourself from the blood-blatter beast of Thrall, which is so mind-numbingly stupid that it belives that if you can’t see it then it can’t see you…”

    Wally kinda reminded me of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there 😀

  9. Edward =)=) says:

    Is it just me, or is Wally getting stupider?:~

  10. meteorite says:

    can’t wally just hide by covering his eyes and nose?

  11. Joey says:

    That Spongebob episode was really funny! They gave Squidward th Tv. I love Spngebob

  12. Gert7 says:

    Yeah, in the last part, Wally says Osbourne instead of Osborne

  13. hi guys says:

    ahhhhhhh,spongebob.good times.we don’t have cable any more.i know it’s supriseing,a 9 year old who dosn’t wach spongebob. 🙄

  14. Jenny says:

    Er…Could Wally be too BIG to fit in the box?

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