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: The End
May 22, 2006

Yep, I’m happy to say this will be the last On the Rocks comic strip… in the first book collection. Sorry to give away the ending. 😉

There are a lot of these signs set up in Antarctica, arrows pointing in the direction of cities with the distance to them, usually to cities from the countries working at the station they are located near. I tried to come up with a good variety of cities representing countries doing research in Antarctica. For distance I chose the San Martin research station as it is about half way down the Antarctic Peninsula. I had been planning on doing a comic like this for a while, and ending the first collection with it seemed fitting, the first strip also with a sign and the two walking away from it.

So anyway, now to get laying out this so-called book collection. I considered taking a break (between collections), but I kind of did already last week so tomorrow we will begin a whole new series of adventures and hijinks that are in store for Wally and Osbourne.

African Glaciers Melting Too

Global WarmingYeah, Africa has glaciers too, crazy eh? Right along the Equator even. Not for long though, we’ve seen a lot of news about melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, but even Africa is losing ice. In fact, scientists say that in another 20 years those African glaciers could be gone. Read more from the Associated Press and