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: Intermission
May 23, 2006

Just thought we could take a one day break here before starting the next book tomorrow.

What Was Your Favorite OtR Comic?

Maybe today in the comments you could share with me what has been your favorite individual strip, storyline and/or recurring gag of On the Rocks. I always take feedback to heart and will keep your favorites in mind for future comics.

Fan Art!

I thought this would also be a nice time to share a few pieces of fan art made by fellow artists and Webcomic creators.

This is the first Wally and Osbourne art I had seen that was not created by me. It is pretty cool and flattering when another artist creates a version of your characters in their style. I thought this was a great piece done by RedRage, who’s other art you can find at
Krishna from the computery Webcomic PC Weenies created this wonderful piece. He has a fun style that worked well creating the On the Rocks world.
This is a guest comic based on an old joke done by the very talented Larry Merrill of the Webcomic Toyzville. I don’t know when I’ll ever do a guest week so I thought I’d share it now.

CONTENT WARNING: Not to give it away but the punchline is a pun on a crude word (In case you’re reading it with your kid).

I’ll make a fan art page here at the site soon to display these on. If you’ve done fan art you want to share, you can e-mail it to tyler at mindfaucet dot com.


  1. bobo says:

    that is the lest entertaining comic so far the guest strip, and i bet some one will say water-balloons, my favorite is the Travel Ad comics or pop rocks and soda.

  2. bobo says:

    first post first post first post first post first post.

  3. tenugroth says:

    I like the third Fan Art…LoL, that’s an old joke, but still fun

    I hope the next comic is better than ever before!

  4. Kalava says:

    Well, I love all these comics, but now you ask favorite.. It’s probably the Max-storyline.

  5. bobo says:

    i’d have to say, BASE,,Ice,Deserted,Polar Bear,Cowboys i cant choose my head may explode!!!

  6. Mat says:

    My favourite might be the one with Wally in Lederhosen.. yay.. 😀

  7. Larry says:

    Tyler, I like them all, but the “molting” series had me rolling. The visuals and the dry humor is a great combo.

  8. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    Man, my favorite On The Rocks Comic………………………. Let me think a minute…
    I would have to say the Orange Juice ones. They had such humor and since I love orange juice those were probably my fave. But, I also love all of your comics and it was a tough decision. Best wishes in the future! 😀

  9. Maarten says:

    One of my favourites is the cowboy series, especially this one:

    In general, I enjoy Wally’s style of thinking: it always makes sense in some absurd way.

  10. Matt_D says:

    My favorite gag is and has always been the water ballons (and i’ve been reading since the beginning). I don’t think there’s another possible one though, but i bet Tyler will surprise me one of these days.

  11. Hannah says:

    Ha ha Cheesy music 😀
    Okay, here is my incredibly long list of my favorites:
    Orange juice, Spy hopping, BASE jumping, Penguinus Maximus, Tobogganing,
    Tag!, Penguin in Slumber!, the ones with the baby penguins selling stuff, Dissapearing snowballs, Cowboys, Bellybutton Spelunking, Do Not Feed Backfire,
    Rock Paper Scissors, The Box ones, Molting, Polar Bear Training, the Earth Day ones and I’m with Stupid.
    There you go.
    My incredibly long list of favorites.
    And it could have been longer.

  12. bobo says:

    iv taled the vote and MY faverite is, B.A.S.E JUMPING. (head explodes)

  13. bobo says:

    “tailed favorite”

  14. my favorite comics were
    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    i hope u continue with the comics very soon
    we r hungry 4 more! 🙄 😀 😯 🙂

  15. H says:

    i love the bipolar one. i was recently diagnosed, and it’s nice to be able to put some humour to a difficult situation.

  16. BriaN says:

    Hmm I don’t know thats kinda hard the orange juice and water balloons were probably my overall favorites. Or the Polar Bear Day one that one was pretty awesome. Most of my friends that I’ve shown the comic to or tried to have thought the water balloon ones were funny. Especially my sister and her husband they thought those were great.

  17. Swizec says:

    So hard to choose which was the best

    but the balloon ones certainly do come very close ^^

  18. robert says:

    I like the Antartic-cowboy storyline, but the best one is the one where they were dressed as cowboys and when a mother said to them that she finds it to hard to feed both babies, Wally threw one into the ocean. I love those “act before thinking things that wally do”

  19. Aurik says:

    I like the mouthful of teeth one,

  20. James Oakes says:

    I really liked the water ballon once but then I like things being frozen..

  21. OT says:

    “Capes” is my absolute favorite

  22. Rory says:

    Mine was when the whale flew by in the snow storm, Cant remember what the date was though.

  23. bobo says:

    whale Storm.

  24. antarticus says:

    whale strorm was definetly the best comic!

  25. her says:

    I liked the ones with a penguin and a polar bear in them!


  26. Hannah says:

    More cheesy music?
    How long will this go on?

  27. y56ytyhh says:

    I liked the water ballons and the one where wally gives osburne the book about the artic. (No i don’t mean the ones with the big book of facts) Oh and I LOVED the molting ones

  28. Klawful says:

    I loved the water ballons and hope you make more of them. And yes, the molting ones were pretty funny too.

    Keep up the good work, your comic is always a bright side to my ever boring day.

  29. wendellwit says:

    Uh, Taylor?
    *looks at watch*
    *presses tiny button to show date*
    You’re starting to scare me again…
    If I see a strip tomorrow showing Wally and Osbourne getting run over by Calvin and Hobbes on their sled, I’m not going to be pleased…

  30. Jax says:

    Favorite individual comic: Book of Facts: Hardcore.

    Series: Molting!!!

  31. axis says:


  32. BriGuy says:

    I have to say I realy enjoyed the one were Wally is feeding the fish to the sea lions and osbourne tells Wally not to because the sea lions will lose there hunting skills… Then Osbourne asks for the fish and Wallly says,”Sorry I don’t want my buddy loosing any of his hunting skills.

    I liked that one alot, but they are all great.

  33. Catarina says:

    I’m new here but up until now my favorite is this one
    I have a very inteligent friend with whom this could happen.

  34. shaun says:

    first snow station

  35. shaun says:

    series: molting
    Recuring gag: water balloon

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