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: Intermission
May 23, 2006

Just thought we could take a one day break here before starting the next book tomorrow.

What Was Your Favorite OtR Comic?

Maybe today in the comments you could share with me what has been your favorite individual strip, storyline and/or recurring gag of On the Rocks. I always take feedback to heart and will keep your favorites in mind for future comics.

Fan Art!

I thought this would also be a nice time to share a few pieces of fan art made by fellow artists and Webcomic creators.

This is the first Wally and Osbourne art I had seen that was not created by me. It is pretty cool and flattering when another artist creates a version of your characters in their style. I thought this was a great piece done by RedRage, who’s other art you can find at
Krishna from the computery Webcomic PC Weenies created this wonderful piece. He has a fun style that worked well creating the On the Rocks world.
This is a guest comic based on an old joke done by the very talented Larry Merrill of the Webcomic Toyzville. I don’t know when I’ll ever do a guest week so I thought I’d share it now.

CONTENT WARNING: Not to give it away but the punchline is a pun on a crude word (In case you’re reading it with your kid).

I’ll make a fan art page here at the site soon to display these on. If you’ve done fan art you want to share, you can e-mail it to tyler at mindfaucet dot com.