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: Box Swap
May 16, 2006

I suppose this is the equivalent of parents that swap pets out for their kids when one dies. Probably most easily passed off with fish. If you had a pet whose name ended with a number, there is a good chance it was a replacement pet.

Maybe that’s what Wally needs, a pet. He’s always wanting things to be some sort of little pet. Except he would be that kid carrying the pet everywhere around in a stranglehold.

Wild Polar Grizzly Discovered

I’ve mentioned before how polar bears are very closely related to the grizzly bear, being they can have offspring that can have offspring. I guess some zoo’s have mated the two, I hadn’t heard of that before. Anyway, the first wild hybrid of a polar bear and a grizzly bear has been discovered. Too bad the subject was only discovered due to the fact that it was killed by some sport hunters. Read the full article at CNN or National Geographic.