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: Box Armor
May 11, 2006

Who hasn’t made armor or a robot costume out of boxes? You could make yourself quite the suit with some boxes, bags and lots of duct tape. It seems I’ve had more comments about childhood lately than learning new bits of facts about Antarctica. It’s like summer vacation, we’ll get back into it with the new season.

Hundreds of Penguins Fall Victim To Oil

Well, here’s some sad news, over a hundred dead penguins covered in oild have washed up on the beaches of Argentina. Another 200 survivors are being treated and cleaned. Seems I just had some strips on oil and we were talking about this very thing. So sad. The really pathetic part is they don’t even know where the oil came from, no spills had even been reported. You can read the whole article at BBC News.

Humans are like the Steve Urkel of the environment. “Oops, did I do that?”