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: That’s Not Wally
Jan 3, 2007

I guess I see how a tubby leopard seal might be mistaken for a tubby polar bear. Remember, those leopard seals are pretty sluggish on land/snow/ice (you’ll notice the joke in the Happy Feet movie where the little adelie’s taunt the leopard seal). So I suggest that he run too.

If you remember that National Geographic video I posted you’ll see that sometimes the leopard seal will get lucky on land, but usually just when he waits for penguins to come shooting up out of the water.

Little is actually known about leopard seals. I had no idea, but they have actually been kept in captivity over the years in New Zealand and Australia (apparently injured animals that were rescued). They pretty much stay around the Antarctic waters but will travel up to the the waters “down under”. Currently the Taronga Zoo in Sydney has a leopard seal, it even does tricks. I found this video here that I’m assuming is from the Taronga Zoo (the posted user is in Australia). You can tell that’s a leopard seal by the long body and massive skull, look at him go!

Penguin Cam

The chicks are growing up so fast, they got their adult markings already, they just look like miniature versions of their parents now.