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: Big Head
Dec 29, 2006

It doesn’t always pay to be right.

There is an age old building plan of snowmen, biggest ball of snow goes on the bottom and they get gradually smaller as you work to the head. Wally has gone against centuries of standardized snowman architecture.

Let It Snow!

I decided to do another snowman comic today because the snow is back, and back with a vengeance, it started snowing this morning, it’s now late afternoon and it hasn’t let up. I got like a foot deep pile on my front step.

In global warming news, a 25 square-mile ice shelf just broke off of the Canadian Arctic. It’s snowing here in the desert, and ice is just melting away at the arctic. Also, polar bears are now a step closer to the US Endangered Species list.

Hope you had a good 2006. I’m leaving you with a chilling clip from 1982’s animated classic, “Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman” (which stays true to that unwritten commercial/cartoon rule, there will be penguins at the north pole).

See you next year!

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