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: Big Head
Dec 29, 2006

It doesn’t always pay to be right.

There is an age old building plan of snowmen, biggest ball of snow goes on the bottom and they get gradually smaller as you work to the head. Wally has gone against centuries of standardized snowman architecture.

Let It Snow!

I decided to do another snowman comic today because the snow is back, and back with a vengeance, it started snowing this morning, it’s now late afternoon and it hasn’t let up. I got like a foot deep pile on my front step.

In global warming news, a 25 square-mile ice shelf just broke off of the Canadian Arctic. It’s snowing here in the desert, and ice is just melting away at the arctic. Also, polar bears are now a step closer to the US Endangered Species list.

Hope you had a good 2006. I’m leaving you with a chilling clip from 1982’s animated classic, “Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman” (which stays true to that unwritten commercial/cartoon rule, there will be penguins at the north pole).

See you next year!

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  1. io says:

    lol, i have one stuffed penguin, just found out about happy feet, have no penguin pictures, and certainly do NOT have a penguin shrine.

  2. Spiderwick says:

    Hey Tyler , I just got a 4gb green iPod Nano . When are you making more “On the iPod” comics ?

  3. I do like Hannah’s new name!

    Not to compete, but my dad just got me a Happy Feet domino set.

  4. Hannah i love ur new name!!! how was that clip “chilling” anyway? oh and to the other Sarah up there…where do u live? i like meeting ppl with my name!!! and yours is spelled the same way too!!! i have only met 3 other Sara(h)’s… one was EVIL, one was like a baby, and the other is Hannah’s sister!! srry for taking up space….well adios!!!

    oh and p.s. don’t freak out, Emy, k?

  5. cuz Hannah was just asking…..

  6. Penguin Guru says:

    I have two bookcases of penguin books. My wall has penguin drawings on it, so they are more original then pictures. I found out about Happy Feet on the commercials of March of the Penguins wich came out a year before Happy Feet, so I’ve known about it forever too. Why would I need penguin dolls! The few that I have are new and I’m too old for dolls anyway, so I’m lucky too have those. For some reason my comment didn’t show up, but it was about how we don’t have to compete and we can all like them eaqualy. When you boast like that Hannah, saying your the biggest penguin freak out of all of them in the world, it makes the rest of us feel bad. So just agree that we all like penguins eaqualy and I’ll be happy. Thanks. Sorry for the long comment.

  7. I’m not freaking out, I’m just saying that I don’t like it. AND Hannah, since you are the “best” as you call it, then why don’t you still do penguin facts? Also, there are 17 types of penguin, not 18. Awesome comic Tyler! Very funny.

  8. Also, how do we know that you’re telling the truth Hannah? You might be making this up just so you will get attention. Sry, but I too am making a point as you call it.

  9. Tyler Martin says:

    Alright guys, take it to the forum or somewhere, this place is not for personal discussion. I’ve already added several who spam many comments to be moderated, if you continue and I have to moderate too much, then I have to ban you.

    Seriously guys, THE FORUM! Or the chatbox for quick blurbs.

    Also there are between 16 and 19 species of penguin, the actual number is still argued by scientists today. However, 17 seems to be the most commonly accepted and widely published.

  10. Carlyneese!1! says:



  11. gatter says:

    I GET NO SNOW AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hannah says:

    ok people
    im really mad im not trying to get attention i was just having
    fun with a long name for a lttle bit.
    sorry that i caused so much terrible-ness by just having fun
    im like mumble on happy feet.
    just having fun and getting yelled at.
    well bye.

  13. Rhiannon says:

    On the topic of snow, I am from Melbourne, Australia, and there was snow on our mountains on christmas day. Now you may think ‘who cares’, but bear in mind that it supposed to be summer here and >30 degrees (celcius, too slack to convert, sorry), and it snowed down to 632ish metres (2000ish feet – I know that one! So don’t bother me with your odd weather phenomena, mine is clearly more bizarre! We’re also supposed to be in a drought for the 7th year running.

  14. emporer penguin please give use your fact PLEASE

  15. emporer penguin please give us your fact PLEASE

  16. Penguin Guru says:

    Sorry… I got carried away. But Tyler, I can’t use the forum. For some reason it never works for me. And the chat box never lets you write more than a few lines. But I was acting stupid. Sorry Hannah. EP! We need your facts. They’ re the only penguin facts we get now that Hannah dosen’t do them anymore.

  17. Ah hem…. what about my fact?

    Sorry about that Tyler. Lets just put that behind us and never think or mention it again ok? Thanks for putting your name back to Hannah Hannah. See ya!

  18. Hannah says:

    hey people
    i will post penguin facts every once in a while…
    well heres one

    Yellow Eyed penguins’ population is threatened.

  19. Sorry, I’ll post one next comic only. And since everyone liked them so much I’ll give a review paragraph. Thanks for reading!

    Peace From the Middle East

    Don’t forget to ask questions! It helps me pick facts. And don’t worry Emy. I’m sure everyone still likes your facts. I know I do!

  20. here is your daily obvious penguin fact= penguins are black and other colors depending on what kind of penguin it is.

    fantastic comic!!!!

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