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: Gotta Wear Shades
Jan 5, 2007

Jumbo Coolness! I’m sensing a new t-shirt. Or maybe a line of over-sized Wally & Osborne sunglasses. Seriously, you’ll look cool.


Framed Art Sample

I’ve had a couple big projects that pay my bills get pushed back on me. So I need to start seeking out some extra funds to keep food on the table. And you can benefit from this.

First, I’d like to thank everyone that has donated to the Wally & Osborne project. It was so appreciated and there were some very generous donations. Again, if you would like to tip your laugh servant a few dollars to support the comic, just click the little “make a donation” button in the right sidebar over there. Every little bit helps and allows me to give more of my working time to the comic.

Now, to the good stuff, it had been suggested that I sell signed prints, but I decided to step that up a bit, and sell the original pieces used in the hand drawn frames of the comic. There is a limited number of them, and I only do them once in a while, like in today’s strip, so if you are interested then jump on the one you want because it will be first come first serve.

But so that anyone that wants an original Wally & Osborne piece of art from me can get one, I’m making myself available for commissions, something I seldom do. You pick any frame of any comic, and I will create you an original hand drawn rendition of it. I’m still getting this set up but you can start ordering right now!