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: Secret Handshake Part Two
Jan 8, 2007

I don’t think anyone wants to be a dumb dog or an old dog, but I guess old dog might be better. The main thing is that Wally learns his correct sayings!

Who even coined all these sayings we have these days, did they know what they were doing when they first said it, the chain reaction it would cause. I bet they thought they were pretty clever.


Framed Art Sample

I’m selling the original pieces used in the hand drawn frames of the comic. There is a limited number of them, and I only do them once in a while, so if you are interested then jump on the one you want because it will be first come first serve.

So that anyone that wants an original Wally & Osborne piece of art from me can get one, I’m making myself available for commissions too. You pick any frame of any comic, and I will create you an original hand drawn rendition of it. Order today!