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: Lunchbox
Jan 15, 2007

Back in the early 1900’s people started carrying their lunches to work in old tobacco tins. This gave way to the invention of the old metal lunchboxes which would go on to be a standard for school kids complete with their favorite characters lithographed onto them. Better the kids carrying lunch than tobacco. But the great thing about them, is you can keep all sorts of cool stuff in them, I’m sure Wally will keep his around, and hopefully find something else to keep in it besides Osborne.

There is a purpose to today’s comic. Today an all new all-ages webcomic collective called Lunchbox Funnies launched and Wally & Osborne are a part of it! You can read the full scoop here at Newsarama.

Fellow Lunchbox Funnies member Ryan Sias did a “lunchbox” comic at his Silent Kimbly today, so I just had to do one too.

And with that I leave you with dancing Osborne again. The one made at the site I found through another Lunchbox Funnies member, Dave Roman, who does Astronaut Elementary.

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