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: Skateboarding?
Apr 6, 2006

Skateboards were invented in 1955 by Marty McFly when he ripped the handles off a kid’s push scooter.

Seriously though, what’s the deal with skateboards? No handles, no way to secure it to yourself, just a free entity on wheels and you ride them on concrete. That’s clever. My worst skateboarding experience as a kid was going down the road I lived on, downhill, while being pulled with a rope by a friend on a bicycle. Then another kid rides up next to him and challenges him to a race. I was going well over any rational speed before I realized I needed to let go of the rope. But the rope tension at least offered some stability, as soon as I let go the board went all wobbly on me. I decided the best course was to wipe out in the gravel along the road. I bailed without any broken bones, but my pants were basically shredded off of me along with numerous abrasions. Good times.

I guess Wally was technically snowboarding, or iceboarding. Snowboarding, I got another story there for another time. I’m pretty sure to this day my wrists are an inch shorter due to the repeated falling.