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: Global Warming
Apr 10, 2006

With all the stuff I post about global warming, I figured I should do a comic at least mentioning it. No sense bringing you down about it, might as well look at the good side. We can all hang out in our underwear, so liberating, right before the world ends. šŸ™‚

Global Warming Is All the Rage

It’s that time again to review recent media attention on this popular topic we all know and love here at On the Rocks.

Here’s an article suggesting that less pollution will allow more sun in – BBC.

Penguins breeding later due to the decline in krill (major food source) due to the decline in sea ice that krill thrives under – National Geographic. Also at MSNBC.

Antarctic birds breeding later, not just penguins – BBC.

Scientists focus on warming disasters, mentions a chilling commercial that’s part of a new ad campaign on global warming – Associated Press. Also here is more about the commercial and you can view it yourself – MSNBC.

Even warm climate areas are affected… warm temperatures are causing the Caribbean coral reefs to die off – National Geographic.

Also here’s links to the last two times I listed global warming in the news (you know, in case you’re writing a report or missed something):
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