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: A Mouthfull of Teeth
Apr 5, 2006

Yup, polar bears have 10 teeth more than you if you are like me and have a big mouth that your wisdom teeth fit into, or they have 14 more teeth than you if you had them forceably yanked from your skull. Actually they could have up to 22 more teeth than you if you are just a young kid and haven’t gotten any of your molars yet. I guess they might even have 42 more teeth than you if you are old and they have all fallen out, or if you got into a lot of bar fights, or if you never brushed your teeth! Shame on you… for shame.

It’s actually not an incredibly large number, but it is the most that any bears have. It seems like a lot to Osbourne who has no teeth and eats everything whole or in thrown up fashion while he was a chick. If you have a dog, he or she should actually have 42 teeth too. Killer Whales have 56 teeth. Blue Whales have no teeth, but they have 300-400 baleen plates they use for filtering krill out of the water.

When I’m old and my teeth fall out I’m not going to get false teeth but rather false baleen plates. I will be so cool at the old folks’ home, sitting there at lunchtime filtering the chunks out of my soup, creamy broth running down my chin. It’s going to be awesome!

New Happy Feet Trailer

I forgot to mention that at the Ice Age opening I saw the new trailer for Happy Feet. It’s Robin Williams’ character singing and is pretty cute. He’s an adelie penguin, you’ll notice a gray tuft of fur on his head, that would be a sign that he is a chick that is just finishing his first molt from the baby “fur” to swimming feathers. That little tuft on the head is often the last thing to go, probably since the penguin cannot reach that spot to help it along. So the character is either young, or the character designers used reference photos of juvie penguins and just thought that was cute.

Anyway, the video:


New Wallpaper

Here’s some new wallpaper from the cowboy comics. I’ll probably be doing another one or two based on that storyline too.