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: Oxidized
Apr 4, 2006

After polar bears molt (they molt yearly like the penguin but it’s more like a dog shedding than the penguin’s ordeal) their coats appear bright white. By summer the sun can cause some oxidation and that’s why their coats will appear more yellowish.

Sometimes in zoos polar bears will even appear to be a bit green, this can be due to algae growing in their hollow hairs.

As far as things sounding cool, that’s like a major part of today’s society. We love stuff that sounds cool or that has a cool name or title. That’s why “On the Rocks” will now be known as “MAXIMUM Freeze!” with the intentional capitalization and exclamation point.

Friday Followup

I realized I never followed up on my news of getting a penguin on Friday. Yeah, as many knew, it was just a bad April Fools gag saying I was getting the penguin on Saturday. The Penguin Warehouse site is entertaining though, when I first found it I thought it would be fun for a gag. In most countries including the US, you cannot own a penguin as a pet. Penguins are protected and are not suppose to be removed from the wild, so the only ones in human circulation are those bred by zoos. They are basically a sea creature so it would seem kind of cruel to have one without having a large swimming facility for it. Also they are a social grouping creature so you would want to own several.

I did go see Ice Age though. It was great, the first one was one of my favorites of the 3D feature film explosion, and this one tops it. It was bigger, wackier and they added some more characters for additional comedy besides just Sid the sloth.

New Wallpaper

As promised, here is some new wallpaper. I added a bit to the scene where Wally wins the snowball fight with Osbourne. Here is a special 1600×1200 version of it for you resolution junkies. Still working on some old west wallpaper.