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: On the Pot
Apr 3, 2006

Nothing like walking in on someone sitting on the pot. Witnessing them right there on their own little throne in their most private and relaxed moment of Zen.

Also I’m not sure what the thing is with reading on the pot. Perhaps it’s just the most accessible form of entertainment while we are in that special moment. Maybe some prefer to play their gameboy, maybe some like to write, and yet others maybe eat their lunch there… but that seems pretty gross and yet at the same time like a cool little self-contained factory production system.

What is it that is so comfortable about just sitting there hanging out? Maybe it’s that freedom, that freedom that if we just want to drop a load… we can. As toddlers we were trained and molded until we didn’t just empty the shoot any time we wanted in our pants. But sitting there on the pot, nothing is stopping us, the toddler is back in full power.

I think I will try an experiment some day, I think I’ll bring my sketchbook and maybe some books and just hang out on the pot, even not having to go. See how much more I might enjoy my time, see how productive I am creating comics, just always knowing… you know… I can do my business unrestrained… If I want.

Heh, okay, enough potty talk. Tomorrow I’ll have the latest on Antarctic news and global warming. Also this week I’ll have new wallpapers and discuss some of the live cam feeds I’ve been adding to the sidebar.

Me Time

A reminder if you have a My Space account you can add me. Still messing around having fun with it and figuring out what to do with one. Also I haven’t been updating it too much yet but I have a LiveJournal account too. I need to start posting some new art and projects I’ve been working on and will soon.

One thing I just did recently was a guest comic for Ugly Hill, it’s over there now if you want to check it out. I’ll post more about it on my LiveJournal page here sometime later today.