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: Noisy Penguins
Mar 31, 2006

The chinstrap penguins make a return today in full force. One thing that is often noted about large penguin colonies is how noisy they can be. Being mostly identical they use voice recognition for identifying their chicks. Of the penguin species, the chinstraps are one of the noisiest. In fact, they are also referred to as Stonecracker penguins due to their piercing voices.

I’m Getting A Penguin!

I hadn’t mentioned anything earlier because I wasn’t sure, but I’ve been approved and my penguin should be here tomorrow. This is going to be the coolest pet ever. I got a humboldt because they do better in warmer weather. I ordered it through Penguin Warehouse. I don’t have a name yet, but I’ll post pictures on Monday. Have a good weekend… I’m going to see Ice Age tonight too! Woohoo!