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: Feeding Penguin
Mar 30, 2006

Osbourne for the interception!

Antarctica Back In the News

Well, there was some Antarctica in the news for a bit there, then it was all about global warming. Now it’s full circle and Antarctica is back in with global warming.

The Associated Press speaks of the air warming over Antarctica. It’s warming faster than other parts of the world, warming trends have been studied and mentioned there before, but this is the first report of the broad-scale climate change throughought the entire continent. BBC also has their take on the report, complete with photos of the weather balloons they use for measuring air temperature there.


  1. Kalava says:

    Osbourne is pretty darn cute.

  2. RW says:

    It was preatty darn cute!

  3. Mat says:

    lmao.. now Osbourne finally got some fish from Wally ^^

  4. Ashley says:

    yup, osbourne sure is cute! lol

  5. Izzieluv says:


  6. Sev says:

    Warmer in antarctica? Isn’t that a good thing? I hear it’s really cold there. [/ignoramus]

  7. Adam says:

    Better for humans? Yes. Better for animals and plants adapted to living only in the cold? No.

  8. Zak says:

    better for humans? erm no cause the majority of us would die πŸ˜›

  9. Todd says:

    Isn’t Osbourne floating right next to that scary seal now?

    It’s not just the artic, apparently the tropics are too warm now and it’s killing off the reef coral.

  10. Todd says:

    The global warming thing is over done! Is it happening,….most likely,..but it has also happened before. I also can’t go a day without hearing on the local weather that the record high for this day was set back in 1934 at 80º or something in February. Gee,..I wonder if they were forecasting doom back then too. I wish the media would move on.

  11. Alexander says:

    Heh, like I give a damn, every year it’s minus 30 celcius winter time and around plus 36 to 42 celcius summer time, and btw the whole thing is that if antarctica melts if there’s any land under there that isn’t flooded I bet the USA will gian control over it πŸ™‚

  12. Cat says:

    oh great yeah, like what the world needs now is more illegitimate conquests by the United States of Avarice.

  13. bobo says:

    I think you spelled america wro…wro…wro.. πŸ˜• not rite.

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