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: Polar Bear Training: Practice Jump
Mar 17, 2006

I guess I would compare Wally’s hesitation with cliff jumping. If you’ve ever jumped from a cliff into the water, you may know the feeling. When you’re up above the water 40 feet or more, something in your brain tells you that it’s not a good idea to jump and you have to fight that reasonable instinct and force yourself off the edge as if you were purposely smashing your thumb with a hammer.

But man it’s fun.

Triplet Polar Cubs

History is made with the first set of polar bear triplets born in a zoo. Polar bears, just like adelie penguins, are normally born in sets of twins. Triplets do occur on rare occasion with polar bears in the wild, but in those cases often the third one doesn’t make it due to competition with the other cubs. Polar bear cubs in zoo’s have a limited success rate, but all three of these cubs are expected to see adulthood. Here’s the article (and a photo!) at National Geographic.

MySpace & LiveJournal

I’m in your extended network! Add me to MySpace if you like. Also I will be posting any other projects I have going at my new LiveJournal.

Have A Great Weekend

Unfortunately I’ll be working all weekend finishing up a project. After that I should have more time to get a bunch of new wallpapers created and just time with the comic in general. Working weekends is always made easier by watching this great parody of Workin for the Weekend. See you Monday!