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: Polar Bear Training: Puddle
Mar 21, 2006

If you’ll remember, some of these puddles in Antarctica are much deeper than they appear. Some open up into gigantic underwater caverns.

Yes the comic looks a bit different today. I’m just having fun. I finished up a big project and have time to have some fun. I felt like getting away from the vector software I normally create it in.

In the News

Antarctica could have melted off the map for all I know. This weekend my mail file got corrupted and I lost all my news feeds. I did get this one before it happened, about a space rock 5 km wide that left a crater off the coast of Antarctica 100 km wide, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Would have made a heck of a wave.

Also watched The Day After Tomorrow last night. I forgot how it started off in Antarctica. Boy, that’s a fun movie to watch with all this recent serious talk of global warming. Plus it’s been snowing here, warm all winter and now it’s snowing. 😯

MySpace & LiveJournal

I’m in your extended network! Add me to MySpace if you like. Also I will be posting any other projects I have going at my new LiveJournal.