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: Polar Bear Training: Deflationated
Mar 16, 2006

Some of us, I’m not naming names, can provide ourselves with hours of entertainment just by blowing up balloons and then letting them go and watch them jet around in their random fashion.

So I really opened up some serious discussion on how to refer to what I called water wings. Is it water wings, or is it floaties? Some even call them arm bands or swimmies. All these nicknames appear here on the Wikipedia page for Water Wings.

Apparently the phrase “Water Wings” was coined back with the original incarnation of them, which had a thinner strap area that wrapped around you and then the two larger parts of the sack stuck out like wings. See the picture:

Actually this was also explained by “The Dark Snack” over at the LiveJournal feed discussion of the comic.

Maybe today we can discuss whether we think these things are even safe or would allow a kid to learn to swim on their own. 😉

MySpace & LiveJournal

I’m in your extended network! I now have a MySpace account as well as a LiveJournal account, so feel free to add me as a friend if you like. I’ll be keeping the blog at the LiveJournal page with updates on whatever projects I’m working on aside from On the Rocks.