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: Polar Bear Training: Lose the Water Wings
Mar 15, 2006

Umm, sure, that makes sense. Wally just needed some reasoning. He had a good point that Osbourne does indeed have some natural water wings.

I’m not sure why they call those things water wings anyway, that’s what I always heard them referred to as anyway. More like portable arm restraints. Maybe if you fill them up with helium for small children they act like water wings and the kids can hover around the yard.

MySpace & LiveJournal

Guess what? I am now in your extended network! Whatever that means. I now have a MySpace account and a LiveJournal account so feel free to add me as a friend or put me on ignore or what have you. I am now more up-to-date on the business of cyber networking. I’ll be keeping a blog at the LiveJournal page with updates on whatever projects or creations I’m working on aside from On the Rocks if you want to follow it, and MySpace… I haven’t quite figured out what you do with it but I’ll try and take a bunch of pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror with a digital camera at some extreme angles and stuff. 😀