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73: Penguin In Slumber!
Oct 5, 2005

That closeup of Osborne makes him look enormous. Wally is that friend at a sleepover that would put shaving cream all over your face or something while you slept.

Guinness World Records: Antarctica (Part Three)

Today we pay respect to the largest known animals ever on earth, the Blue Whale. We’ve seen one blow by in a bad storm here in the strip, and also Max caught a small one by the tail on his first day of fishing. They normally reach 75-100 feet, though these days they are seldom seen over 80 feet due to the mass hunting of them, most of the giant ones are no longer around. They pick up at least a couple Guinness Records. One for the heaviest mammal; A female Blue Whale weighing 190 tonnes (418,877lbs) and measuring 27.6m (90ft 5in) in length was caught in the Southern Ocean on March 20, 1947. Also picking up the category of longest mammal, another female Blue Whale measuring 33.58m (110 ft 2in) landed at Grytviken, South Georgia, in 1909. This one probably would have taken the heaviest record too, but I’m sure at the time there was no accurate way for them to weigh it.