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74: Snow Cones
Oct 6, 2005

By popular demand the enterprising young Emperor Penguin juvies are back! I actually came up with the term “wild mild” and then ended up coming up with this strip. I came up with it thinking about hot sauce, how there is “mild” hot sauce, like what’s the point? I like my hot sauce as hot as it comes. That’s not hot sauce, that’s just flavoring. How boring I thought, maybe they could sell it up a little, call it “wild mild”. It’ll get yuh!

Guinness World Records: Antarctica (Part 4)

Now on to a bird that doesn’t hang around on iceburgs but rather soars high above them. This would be the Wandering Albatross of the Southern Oceans. They take the category of largest wing span of any living bird. A male of the species was measured as having a wing span of 3.63m (11ft 11in). That’s like a small aircraft. They haven’t shown up in the comic yet, but they will.