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72: Tongue-Catching Snowflakes
Oct 4, 2005

There is nothing like wearing one of your favorite black T-shirts, feeling all special and then looking over at your shoulder and it looks like its been snowing out. If you have never experienced this you are either very lucky or use a quality shampoo.

Anyway, hope you got a chuckle out of today’s comic even it it’s a bit gross. It actually snows very little at all in Antarctica, even in storms it’s usually just a matter of the wind blowing around the existing ice and snow. Despite housing 70% of the world’s fresh water, it’s actually an arid desert. Yes, we’ve seen Wally’s blue tongue and now we see that Osborne has a tongue too. If you remember, penguins tongues actually have tiny little barbs all over them that keep the food going down, making sure they don’t lose any fish or krill… or… snowflakes. =)

Guinness World Records: Antarctica (Part Two)

Okay, onto some records. Collecting at least a couple of them is a creature that hasn’t appeared in the comic yet but will be making an entrance in the future. It is the Southern Elephant Seal of the sub-Antarctic Isands. And of course the Southern Elephant Seal takes the record for the largest of the 34 known species of pinnipeds. Bulls average 5m (16ft) in length. The largest bull weighed was 4 tonnes (8818lbs) and measured 6.5m (21ft 4in). The Southern Elephant Seal also wins the Lung Power Endurance category. They can dive in the Antarctic up to 1828m (6000ft) deep and stay underwater for up to two hours.