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: Molting
Feb 13, 2006

Wally walked up on Osbourne preening the last time he got a shock like this. Also he must have picked up the phrase “holy sweet whale carcass” from somewhere.

Adelie penguins molt yearly like all penguins (aside from the Galapagos that can breed and molt twice a year). This is a time the old worn-out feathers are replaced by new feathers. Right now is the actual time Adelie’s are starting to molt (February-March), just after they have finished breeding and rearing their young. During this time they cannot preen, and cannot go in the water… therefore they cannot eat either. The duration is about three weeks.

Whale Dog Food

If you read my posts you’ve been following with me on the Japanese whaling situation. At any rate, all these whales that are being killed for “research” apparently are not selling the number of whale burgers they were hoping for so now they are selling the whale meat as pet food. Yeah, that’s nice.

Surfing Penguin

To leave you with something fun on this Monday, you have to see this penguin photo. Looks like a gentoo penguin hydroplaning on his feet into shore.