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: I’m So Not Eating That
Feb 14, 2006

I’m happy he wasn’t eaten. The comic would have just gotten way to weird with just Wally around.

Hooray, our favorite penguin menace returns to the comic! The leopard seal doesn’t need a homely looking molting Osbourne anyway, there’s lots of juvenile penguins that have just went through their first molt of their downy coat to their swimming feathers and are hitting the water for the first time. Unfortunately they are pretty easy pickings being inexperienced in water, that’s why the penguins have to have strength in numbers.

I try to think about the cute little baby leopard seal out there in an ice burrow that needs the sustenance of its well-fed mother’s milk. But you never see leopard seal pups, try and find me a photo, I think there are few people that have ever even seen them, every picture of a leopard seal they are this maniacal looking creature baring its teeth. This really makes them the ultimate nemesis of the penguin. Even Darth Vader we saw as a cute snot-faced kid. Not the leopard seal though, with a penguin as a main character, the leopard seal’s got the bad guy part down perfect. 😉


  1. Marry says:

    am I the only one who thinks that Osbourne looks cute like this? If he was real, I would like to cuddle him 🙂

  2. Spooky300310 says:

    I think he’s cute!

  3. Nano-Tech says:

    hehehe, i must agree – he dose look cute like this :p

  4. Lil says:

    Osbourne is what I would call during this molting stage, “Snggly Ugly”. You don’t know whether to lend him a coat, or cuddle him. …good little trick of nature.

  5. Ferali says:

    I think those are pictures of baby leopard seals, I don’t know for sure. Could be regular seals too, I can’t see the difference too well 😛

  6. YoSis says:

    A request to the TyMan pleeeaaaaaase show Thomas the bully penguin molting! Even if you don’t do it in a comic just a picture pleeease.

  7. Alexander says:

    It’s funny, sad and amazing at the same time. Nice comic yet again 🙂

  8. John says:

    OK, you’ve really got me curious. What do penguins look like when they’re molting? Can we get a pic, please, Tyler??

  9. Synthmon says:

    Penguins do pretty much look like that when they’re molting. Seen one or two at the London Zoo last time, they look like that. Like a wet dog.

  10. Klingbeil says:

    Found a picture of a leopard seal pup and looking ridiculously cute!

  11. Tyler Martin says:

    I guess he is kind of cute, like one of those crested fancy guinea pigs.

    Ferali, that first pic is a leopard seal, probably young but not a pup, the second is a weddell seal and pup.

    Klingbeil, indeed cute, but those are also weddell seals.

    The weddell is fatter and has a pug nose whereas the leopard seal is sleaker in shape and has a long nose and reptilian shaped head.

    I found a pic though… Or as close as I could get…
    The second pic down, not quite a pup… actually a juvie. You can see it still has it’s baby fur on its back and it has no teeth yet. Got the big mouth though. Already threatening looking. =)

    John, I’ll post some pics of penguins molting tomorrow.

  12. Klingbeil says:

    yeah i saw that about the weddell seal, but it was on the leopard seal page so i thought it might be a variety of leopard seal

  13. Ashley says:

    Well, I searched for some pics, but no luck. 🙁 Oh well. I think that he’s cute when hes molting.

  14. Claire says:

    Has anyone noticed the face in the ice… anyone at all… man that dude has a big chin…

  15. Matt D says:

    Reminds me of my bad hair days

  16. Julie says:

    I found this one, but he’s (or she’s) with his mother.

  17. Brian says:

    I think that it would be rad if you did like a parody of some movie. But like a popular movie that could be a great strip… just no Napolean Dynamite

  18. Sev says:

    Everyone knows Darth Vader faked his death.

  19. Sten says:

    I think Osborne is cute!………but what do penguins look like when they are molting… now I have to go google it…..

  20. 🙂 look at osbourne how cute is he
    😉 at least he didnt get eaten

  21. dood says:


  22. eris says:

    Ok, so I thought my google-fu was strong but I couldnt find a pick of a leopard seal pup that was not actually a weddell or a juvie. That is a hard pic to find! However, along the way I found this..

  23. bobo says:

    cool AdoptAPenguin i want one.

  24. ok, this comic made me laugh hysterically!!! osborne is soooo cute!

  25. Ferali, those are indeed leopard seals, though the first one is a ‘teenager’ rather than a pup.

  26. Metroplex says:

    😐 😮 ❗ 😯 🙁

  27. hi guys says:

    I HAVE GUINNI PIGS LIKE THAT AND THEY ARE NOT AT ALL UGLY TYLER MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!! ❗ 😡 (p.s.Osbourne is cute 🙂 ) 😡

  28. hi guys says:

    to bad the penguins are $44. 😥 🙁

  29. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    awww…he’s SOOOOOOOOO cute!

  30. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:


  31. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    ok i couldn’t find any links 😡 BUT THERE STILL CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jenny says:

    It’s good since that leopard seal won’t eat Osborne since he’s molting. (Osborne is molting, not the seal.) If you were a penguin, molting is a good thing, because predators, like seals, will stay away from you. Molting is a good thing to other birds too.

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