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: I’m So Not Eating That
Feb 14, 2006

I’m happy he wasn’t eaten. The comic would have just gotten way to weird with just Wally around.

Hooray, our favorite penguin menace returns to the comic! The leopard seal doesn’t need a homely looking molting Osbourne anyway, there’s lots of juvenile penguins that have just went through their first molt of their downy coat to their swimming feathers and are hitting the water for the first time. Unfortunately they are pretty easy pickings being inexperienced in water, that’s why the penguins have to have strength in numbers.

I try to think about the cute little baby leopard seal out there in an ice burrow that needs the sustenance of its well-fed mother’s milk. But you never see leopard seal pups, try and find me a photo, I think there are few people that have ever even seen them, every picture of a leopard seal they are this maniacal looking creature baring its teeth. This really makes them the ultimate nemesis of the penguin. Even Darth Vader we saw as a cute snot-faced kid. Not the leopard seal though, with a penguin as a main character, the leopard seal’s got the bad guy part down perfect. 😉