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: Mercy
Feb 15, 2006

His intentions were good, you really hate to see an animal suffer.

Mercy killing is an interesting subject. It’s a hard decision to make if an animal would be better off being put down, maybe some of you have come to that point with a family pet. Many years ago I had some weird dreams where I would have to put something out of its misery, heh, one time it was a pet, another time it was a friend, silly dreams really. In both of those examples they had turned evil, so I had to do away with them. The sad thing, in the one with the pet, it had turned evil and was attacking me and I stabbed it with something, then it turned good… but it was beyond help so I had to finish it off. Fortunately it was just a dream, I’m not sure the meaning but it must be something about dealing with confusing situations and making hard decisions. Maybe I should never make mention of my dreams here, heh.

Pictures Pictures

Okay, we were basically unsuccessful in finding a cute leopard seal cub photo yesterday to help soften their bad guy image. I did find this juvie leopard seal (2nd image down), you can see it still has some baby fur and no teeth, but it is weaned and not really a cub. A couple of you did find some really cute weddell seal cubs though. The weddell seal has similar coloring and markings as leopard seals, but they have the fat face with the short nose, whereas the leopard seal has the reptilian shaped head and the huge mouth, if they are not baring their teeth they are sporting a maniacal smile. See the weddell seal to the left and the leopard seal to the right in the following photos…
Weddell Seal Leopard Seal

Also I said I would post some links to actual penguins molting.

  1. African Penguin Molting
  2. King Penguin Molting (scroll down the page)
  3. Adelie Almost Done Molting
  4. And for contrast here are Adelie chicks with their first molt (instead of a new set of feathers they are losing the furry downy coat for their first set of swimming feathers.)

Still think they are cute when molting?


  1. Grzesio says:

    wally is kinda scary from time to time. cruel…

  2. YoSis says:

    Not cruel just confused………Wally seems to live by a different code of ethics he’s not afraid to make hard life decisions….he knows how to keep his head on a swivel. I noticed that the shovel looks familiar perhaps the one Wally used to bash in the research cabin? Heh heh good ol Wally.

  3. hterry says:

    What’cha mean you couldn’t find a pic? Here’s one


  4. Sten says:

    Leopard Seals are kinda scary looking…….

    • Tiffany says:

      Incredible is the only word to describe these prahoghopts! They are among the most original, beautiful and touching wedding photos I have ever seen. They represent Jim and Julie and their take on life perfectly! WELL DONE, KELLY!

  5. Sten says:

    Osborne is cuter then the actual molting(melting) penguins

  6. michael says:

    I still think that molting penguins are cute.

  7. John says:

    Thanks for the molting pics!

    Curiosity… satisfied!

  8. Matt D says:

    hterry, that’s not a leopard seal 😉

    Tyler, hate to be a spelling nazi but it’s “Adelie chicks with their first molt”

  9. Ashley says:

    I think that molting penguins are kinda still cute. And thanks for the pics! 🙂

  10. Nick says:

    This is a kind of strenge coincidence. We just put our horse down today. 🙁

    But great comic tyler!

  11. Tyler Martin says:

    That indeed is the shovel Wally used to open the door. You can see it has a little metal band on it used to fasten the two pieces back together. 😉

    Nick, I’m really sorry to hear that, I hope it was for the best.

  12. Mute says:

    Wally really is a strange polar bear from time to time. He may be a complete iditot, but when the need arises, he so…worldly.

  13. can wally at least quit it for once? 😉

  14. bobo says:

    yea real cute. 🙂

  15. nicola(da-bird-lover) says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PENGUINS(i love all birds but hmm…) I LOVE THE ADELIE CHICKS MOLTING!!!! so cute…

  16. nicola(da-bird-lover) says:

    i love all birds(and you’re comic:D), btw tyler i was bored and went on to funbrain, found a comic read it all the i spied this comic and went on to find out about then i found this website after it was on the funbrain site.:D:D:D

  17. Metroplex says:

    😳 😐 😯 😮 ❗ 😕 ❓ 😆 ❗ 😀 ❗ 🙄

  18. hi guys says:

    you know sometimes wally’s strange little mind can scare me a bit & keep me up at night. 😯

  19. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    I agree fully 😯

  20. Ella Enchanted(the book) says:

    Wally’s little mind can work in strange,strange ways 😯

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