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: He Can Fly!
Feb 10, 2006

Now the Peter Pan song is stuck in my head. “You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!”

Penguins really can fly… underwater. It’s really amazing seeing underwater video footage of them darting through the ocean space so accurately and gracefully… reaching speeds over 20 mph and leaving their little “jet” trails behind. With their speed, skill an maneuvarablility in the open water, they actually don’t have to worry too much about leopard seals being able to catch them, nor on land, it’s getting in and out of the water that proves dangerous for them.

Also those are not clouds up there but the bottom of ice. 😉

Video Week Finale

Here’s a couple videos that have been circulating the net for a while and have been put together as a Friday versus Monday sort of joke. The first part features a penguin doing a crazy dance and the next is a polar bear doing the penguin toboggan maneuver. They both seem pretty funny at first, then I was thinking, maybe that penguin has something seriously wrong with it and maybe that polar bear was just shot with a tranquelizer or is suffering some partial paralysis. We’ll just assume the polar bear is having a lazy afternoon and the penguin is strutting his stuff seeing as he is a different species than the onlooking ones on the beach. At any rate, have a great weekend, go party like the penguin there and I’ll see you on monday when we are pushing ourselves along like the polar bear.