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: Maintaining Respect
Jun 26, 2006

Sometimes you can be having a little too much fun and then realize you might look like an idiot to those around you. Totally worth it though when it involves having fun. Besides, they are probably just jealous (or maybe you really do look like an idiot). 😉

It’s really late right now so I’ll post next time with some news updates.


  1. SuperVegito says:

    I Totally Agree With You Tyler 😀 BTW Whats A Code 217??? 😛

  2. Kalava says:

    Hah, Osbourne is serious.

  3. Kevin says:

    I guess that explains why I have no respect in my community – looking like an idiot is my speciality.

  4. Julie says:

    I’m always looking like an idiot, but — most of the time — I don’t care.

  5. Leonardo says:

    the penguin on the 3th panel is great! that looks like my mother when i’m playing on pc 😀

  6. penguindad says:

    your mother is a penguin? then your my long lost son lost at the antarctic world fair…

  7. eekbaa says:


  8. PurpleKoopa says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading for awhile and I love On the Rocks! When I read the first panel, for a second I thought Wally was going “wee woo wee woo” like a police car…but I guess it’s just a Wally version of “Woohoo!” 🙂

  9. Matt_D says:

    Happy (belated) 5-year anniversary with your wife Tyler!

  10. Hannah says:

    cool. i like it.
    but thats no surprise all these comics ROCK!!!! 😀

    and i really like the last two, where Osbourne is actually having fun!!! 😯
    but he does have to maintain respect, yeah.
    cant have too much fun.

  11. eris says:

    217 is either something he made up (hey, remember? Its a COMIC) or its a reference to the Illinois telephone prefix, or maybe even the DoT code regarding bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways. Me, I’m guessing it’s a number he pulled out of his head where the rest of the funny fantasy comic stuph lives!

    Those penguins better not be dissing mah icy pal Osbourne….

  12. ~*Ashley*~ says:

    lol, great comic once again! 😀

  13. Tyler Martin says:

    I’m all about pulling random numbers out of my head when I need one, but then I think, what if that number means something? What if that is actually some police code for something really offensive? Or the date of a horrific event.

    So then it seems best to use a number that means something, so you can at least explain it. 217 was actually the number of the strip. It’s the 217th strip. 😉

  14. izzieluv says:

    😀 Hey, whats a 217?:shock:

  15. a.c. says:

    According to (and a few other sites I just checked), a code 217 over a US police radio is “Assault with Intent to Murder”.

    Still, you could have chosen worse… 459S (Burglar Alarm, Silent) woudl have just been nonsensical… 311 (Indecent exposure) would have been worrying. Maybe 503 would have been more appropriate (Auto Theft), or how about 507 – Public Nuisance!

  16. Sheena says:

    Assault with intent to murder? Yikes. Those must be bloodthirsty penguins. 😯

  17. a.c. says:

    Back of the cardboard boxtruck must be loaded with stolen fish. If I were a penguin, I’d assault with intent to murder if I could get my flippers on contraband fish.

  18. axis says:

    i wonder what other codes they have

  19. Bluey says:

    lol….. assult with an intent to murder….. couldnt you have picked a different strip to do this? 😀

  20. Garrett says:

    “i wonder what other codes they have”
    Well, I would suppose the next comic will have a code 218, which I’ll find out what it is in a few seconds, since I’m from the future.
    I like the idea of using strip numbers as codes. I’ll have to do that from time to time with my own comics.

  21. Jenny says:

    “Halt! Boxplane pit stop!” Wow, penguins are insensitive with boxes and planes.

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