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: Osbumper
Jun 28, 2006

I figured it had been too long since the last time Osbourne was seriously injured as a result of Wally’s antics. Not that Osbourne is innocent of bringing the pain to his furry friend.

Makes It All Worth It

Yesterday I got a message from a third grade school teacher that said thanks from 30 people for all the laughs. She read the comic every morning with her entire class. I can’t explain how much that made my day. So thank you Farrah, you rock and so does your entire class, thanks for helping bring Wally & Osbourne to life!

Global Warming Fun Time

Global WarmingUg, I got so many news feeds with stuff relating to global warming, I don’t even want to talk about it right now. It’s been so ridiculously hot and dry where I am with brush fires all around. Then when the rain finally did come yesterday, it came with a vengeance. I’m in the middle of the desert and there were literrally buckets of ice pouring from a sky of dark green clouds. When it was done it looked a bit like Antarctica around here as if it had snowed ice cubes. The leaves on my trees were riddles with holes, I haven’t even gone out back to check out my peach tree but I’m sure it’s just peach baby food now.

Speaking of babies, they make everything better. Their power cancels out global warming. They could even make up for the comic not being funny enough. It’s all about the babies, check out this video of a dad making his quadruplets laugh, you should probably be seated because holy cow the cuteness hits hard.

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  1. Kevin says:


    The babies remind me of how at the end of Monsters Inc., they discover laughter to be a better source of energy than screams. More laughter please.

  2. SuperVegito says:

    damn the cuteness really does get to you… 😀 btw Tyler since you mentioned the thing about that school teacher reminded me that i got about 6 ppl hooked on OTR n they simply love it my best buddy seems to be n love the Holy Sweet Whale Carcus Strip and The Tourist Strip. n the weird part is that he’s not into comis.but he just loves OTR and even tho he dosent post here cuz he’s too lazy and just likes to read the strips. 😀 there are 1,000’s and prolly even 1,000,000’s of ppl who love OTR even tho they don’t post. kinda over whelming when u think about it.

    BTW i got a tiny request for you…OTR Stuffed Toys or Plushies or whatever their called ^_^ i’m sure kids wud luv them

  3. Edi says:

    Hey Tyler, isn’t it about time for a new wallpaper…That is if you have time…But I’m ready XD

  4. pengvin says:

    I saw that clip on America’s funniest home videos. Didn’t that family win 10,000 dollars? Anyway it’s a real funny clip. Love the comic to!

  5. Lee says:

    “Be thankful that we are laughing, for the alternative would be too terrible to contemplate.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    in the first panel i definetly saw what was coming

  7. PurpleKoopa says:

    It should have came with air bags… 😛

  8. meteorite says:

    there goes the respect 🙂

  9. Dad says:

    Looks like something Tyler might have done with his sister, Tyler doing Wally’s part heh,heh…

  10. Nikos says:


    THOSE BABIES ARE THE SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Besides all that other stuff… but otherwise HOLY COW! MAN! AAAAAAHHHH! What did that guy do to make all for of them laugh in unison?! Seriously, creepy…creepy.

  11. Phizlo says:

    Poor Osbourne. . . . He was right not to fly blind . . . ( though it is still funny . . .)

  12. axis says:

    wally has a black bumper. i wonder…

  13. Farrah says:

    Tyler, thank you so much for posting that! The kids are going to FREAK when I show them this page!! 😀

  14. izzieluv says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh those kids were so cute!

    Poor osborne *shock* that musve hurt 😀

  15. izzieluv says:


  16. Hannah says:

    😯 ow

  17. Brian says:


  18. Metroplex says:

    :mrgreen: 😮 ❗ ➡ 😆 ❗ 🙁 😥 ❗ 😳

  19. shaun says:

    another insult to injury

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